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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Last of the June titles

There are still quite a few good titles coming out in June. One, I can't believe I didn't start out with and a few that I have put on my must read list. See what you think.

First, Stephen King (I can't believe I didn't put him on the big name author's list!) has Finders Keepers coming out on June 2nd. A story that is strongly reminiscent of Misery, an angry fan kills John Rothstein, the author of a series that loves. He steals the contents of his safe including notebooks containing another series novel. The murderer is jailed and decades later a young boy finds the stash. When the murderer is let out of jail after 35 years, he comes after the boy and his family. This is the second in the Bill Hodges series that started with Mr. Mercedes.

S. J Watson follows Before I Go To Sleep, which I loved, with Second Life. This one has gotten very mixed reviews. Some people just don't care for it. Julie decides to investigate her sister's online life after she is murdered. The police aren't moving fast enough for her so she finds her online screen name and password and begins a very slippery slope involving cybersex. Will Julie destroy her respectable middle class family and life? Read it and find out.

Matthew Quick, the author of The Silver Linings Playbook, has Love May Fail arriving on June 16th. Portia Kane leaves Florida and her lying, pornographer husband and returns to South Jersey and her childhood town. On her return, she lives with her hoarder mother and finds a high school friend, and renews her acquaintance with  a beloved teacher who retired after being attacked in the classroom. This novel is about second chances.

Jonathan Galassi is a poet and was president and publisher of Farrar, Straus & Giroux. Muse is his first novel coming on June 2nd and it is about what he knows. Paul Dukach is an up and comer at an independent publisher in New York City. He is particularly focused on a poet whose longtime publisher is his bosses biggest rival. Galassi shows the insider view of the publishing industry with humor and wit.

Jane Green has Summer Secrets coming on June 23rd. This will be a great beach read. Cat Coombs was working in London during the late 1990's. She was working and partying hard. She was well on her way to trouble with alcohol when she discovers the identity of her father. This shock caused her to blow up most of her relationships and had her turning even more to drink. 15 years later, we meet Cat again but this time sober. She goes to Nantucket to make amends. Is she successful? Does everyone have a secret?

Lisa Jewell has The Third Wife coming on June 9th. Adrian Wolfe's third wife steps into the path of an oncoming bus. Wolfe starts to wonder if it was accidental or on purpose. This causes him to look at his relationships with his past wives and children. Perhaps things were not quite as happy as they had seemed to him.

Well, that is it for June. Hope there is something there to tempt you. Enjoy!

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