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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Big Name Authors in July

Amazingly, July does not have lots of big name authors publishing new works. There are some but not like June when there were lots. I am going to start with a nonfiction work and the rest will be fiction.

Lisa Scottoline is a very popular suspense author, however, she also writes a column about contemporary life, getting older, parenting, etc. for the Philadelphia Inquirer with her daughter, Francesca Serritella. They have accumulated these in several books. Scottoline is hysterical in person and in this series of nonfiction works. The newest one, Does This Beach Make Me Look Fat?, comes out on July 7th.  I highly recommend these works - I guarantee you will laugh.

Do you or did you watch Dexter on television? Then Jeff Lindsay's newest Dexter is Dead ,which also comes out on the 7th, will be a must read. After 7 novels (this is the eighth) and 8 seasons on television, Dexter is making his final bow. Dexter is arrested for a murder he didn't commit and loses his wife, children and sister. The only thing he has left is his very dark brother who wants to prove him innocent. Does Dexter really die?

C.J. Box has Badlands coming out on July 28th. In is prior work, The Highway, Box introduced a rookie detective Cassie Dewell. This new title is the 2nd work that features Dewell. In a small North Dakota town a 12 year old paperboy, Kyle, witnesses an automobile accident and suddenly finds himself in possession of money and a package full of white powder. Kyle's mother's boyfriend says the package will make them lots of money. Dewell has newly been appointed the Deputy Sheriff in the area where oil has recently been discovered and money, men and crime have started to appear. She is looking at the possibility of gang warfare unless she can figure out what happened.

Brad Taylor has a Pike Logan thriller coming, The Insider Threat, on June 30th. While the world is focusing on ISIS on the battlefield, they have a plan working behind the scenes which is deadly and savagely cruel. Only Logan and the Taskforce can identify it and prevent it from happening. Said to be one of Taylor's best.

Brad Thor has Code of Conduct coming on July 7th.  This will be the 14th in the Scott Harvath series. Thor has reached the level of popularity where his books do not come out for reviews list most other authors. Plot wise, you have to take the work of the publisher. According to the publisher, a few seconds of video is anonymously sent to people in DC. Counter terrorism operative Harvath is assigned to take an assignment that begins as a favor but becomes a high stakes game.

Lastly, Kathy Reichs has Speaking in Bones coming out on July 21st. This is the 18th Temperance Brennan novel. Someone names Hazel Strike tells Brennan that some unidentified bones she has in her lab belong to an 18 year old girl names Cora Teague. Brennan goes to investigate and finds some other skeletons in the same area. Then Hazel winds up dead. Can Brennan solve this case?

Hopefully, these might give you some other titles to put on your list. Hope you are having a great summer.

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