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Friday, May 1, 2015

Edgar Winners

They announced the winners of the Edgar Award on Wednesday night, April 29th. There were no real surprises but I wanted to make sure you knew who the 4 most important winners were.

The major award for best novel went to Stephen King for Mr. Mercedes. King spoke about having has doubts about writing in the mystery genre because it wasn't the sort of thing he did. However, he couldn't let a good idea go by. He must be happy he did, because the sequel to this is coming out in June, Finders Keepers.

The award for best paperback original went to Chris Abani's The Secret History of Las Vegas. This title was described as part mystery, part horror and part literary. It apparently is not for the faint of heart and deals with all kinds of deformity (body, spiritual, emotional). The interesting thing here is that Abani wrote his first novel at age 16 in his homeland of Nigeria and was jailed for it. He is a poet, a playwright and a professor at Northwestern. Interesting, huh?

The award for best first novel by an American author went to Tom Bouman for Dry Bones int he Valley. This title is about drugs and crime coming to small town, rural northeastern PA and the long cop trying to maintain order. Nothing unusual about him really. He lives in rural northeastern PA also.

Lastly and the one I am excited about is the Mary Higgins Clark Award which was won by Jane Casey's The Stranger You Know. This is the 4th in her Maeve Kerrigan series and I love that series. Maeve is on the London Murder Squad. OK - so you have to be able to put up with British mysteries to enjoy her but her titles are always fast paced, plot driven and suspenseful. So, I am happy she won.

All winning titles are available in the catalog so give one or two of them a try.

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