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Friday, May 22, 2015

More June Titles Part 2

OK -  before the holiday weekend, on with some more June titles that are sure to appeal to some of you.

If you read and liked Kevin Kwan's Crazy Rich Asians, you will want to get on the list for China Rich Girlfriend coming out on June 16th. Rachel Chu accompanies her boyfriend, Nicholas Young, back to Singapore for the summer and discovers he isn't just rich but obscenely rich. Nicholas appears to be ready to give up his fortune for Rachel and they are engaged. Now, Rachel is shocked when she discovers who her birth father is.

Jenny Milchman, a past winner of the Mary Higgins Clark Award gives us As Night Falls on June 30th. Sandy Tremont is cooking dinner in her rural home for her daughter and husband one minute and the next, 2 escaped convicts have taken control. The frightening part is that one of them is Sandy's brother Dirk, a person that Sandy has hoped to forget. This books is suppose to be very suspenseful and affecting. I unfortunately, can't read it because I'm afraid that the Tremont's dog is killed. If one of you read it and the dog lives, let me know so I can put it on my list.

Reeve LeClaire is a college student who was abducted when she was 12 by a pedophile and held captive for 4 years. She has tried to be normal again. Her story started in Carla Norton's The Edge of Normal and her second entry in the series coming on June 30th is What Doesn't Kill Her. Her abductor has escaped from the psychiatric hospital and Reeves realizes that she is the only one who understands the way his mind work well enough to catch him.

Lori Roy has Let Me Die in His Footsteps coming on June 2nd. Roy has won the Edgar Award for Best First Novel and if you like historical novels which are kind of dark and threatening while being psychologically suspenseful, this one is for you. It is 1952 in Kentucky when 15 1/2 old Annie Holleran sneaks over to the well on their feuding neighbor's property. She wants to see her future in the well, unfortunately, what she stumbles on is a dead body. Back in the 1930's a Holleran girl, Juna, led a Baines boy, Joseph Carl, to do evil things. The story of these two events are fascinating if perhaps sad.

Vanessa Michael Munroe is a strange character that has her own series by Taylor Stevens. Stevens has The Mask coming out on June 30th. Munroe is an 'informationist' (also the title of the first book in the series) and who has been said to be the female Jason Bourne. She is captivating and lethal at the same time. Recovering from her last book where she had to escape from Somali pirates and was almost killed, she was recovering in Japan where her boyfriend, Bradford, was working. Unfortunately, Bradford gets arrested for murder and Vanessa is off on another case.

Lastly, Ingrid Thoft's third book in the Fina Ludlow series, Brutality arrives on June 23rd. Fina is the black sheep in a family firm of lawyers but here she steps out on her own when a mother asks her to investigate her adult daughter's attach. The daughter was left with life threatening injuries but 20 years earlier, she was a star soccer player in college. Recently, she had sued the university because of head injuries suffered during her playing years. Did the lawsuit bring about the attack or was there something else that the daughter didn't share?

OK - that gives you a few more to entice you. Hope one of them is just what you were looking for. It's suppose to be a nice weekend to read outside. Enjoy!

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