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Friday, May 8, 2015

More June Titles

There are quite a few books in June that appear interesting to me. Let's see what you think about these five titles.

First of all, Jefferson Bass has the 9th Body Farm novel coming out - The Breaking Point comes out on June 9th. Jefferson Bass is actually the writing team of Dr. Bill Bass, a forensic expert who teaches at the University of Tennessee and founded a "Body Farm" there and Jon Jefferson, a journalist and writer. So the Body Farm series comes with real life knowledge. this one has Dr. Bill Brockton accused of misidentifying a body and threatened by a serial killer. Sounds like things are jumping. This series is not for the faint of heart as technical knowledge leads to a gritty, descriptive story.

Martin Clark, a relatively unknown legal thriller author, has his 4th book in 15 years arriving on June 9th, The Jezebel Remedy. Clark is a Virginia circuit court judge so has the technical aspects of the legal system down. Clark has been compared to Scott Turow with black humor. In this tale, Joe and Lisa Stone are partners in a small town law firm in Henry County, VA. One of their frequent clients is Lettie VanSandt - a crabby, perhaps crazy, animal hoarder and would-be inventor. When her trailer explodes killing her, the Stones suspect it was not an accident and investigate. This leads them into big trouble not that they aren't having personal troubles already.

Next comes Paul Dioron and the 6th book in Maine game warden Mike Bowditch series, The Precipice arrives on June 16th. I am a sucker for suspense with a strong sense of place. I don't know why but somehow those two elements make me very happy with a title. Dioron writes very descriptively about the Maine wilderness and transports you there. In this one, 2 young female hikers have disappear and their bodies were found having been picked clean by coyotes. Bowditch's girlfriend knows that coyotes, as scavengers, couldn't have killed them and they must have been murdered. After convincing Bowditch, she disappears and he is off on a search.

David Housewright has Unidentified Woman #15 arriving on June 2nd. This is the 12th featuring retired cop, unlicensed P.I. and millionaire Rushmore McKenzie. Housewright is an Edgar Award winner whose dark pessimistic tales have wit and charm too. In this tale, McKenzie was riding behind a truck when someone dumps a bound woman from the back and McKenzie causes a 37 car pile up avoiding hitting her. The woman remembers nothing and McKenzie makes it his business to find out who she is and why and how this happened to her.

Finally, for the beach reading crowd, Elin Hilderbrand's The Rumor arrives on June 16th. The characters in Hilderbrand's titles always change but the island of Nantucket remains consistent. Grace is married to Nantucket's successful real estate broker and they have 2 twin daughters. Her best friend is Maggie, the mother of the high school quarterback who is dating one of the twins and a successful author with writer's block. When Grace hires a handsome landscaper to rebuild her garden, and the real estate broker visits Maggie's writing cottage, rumors start to fly around the island. Typical summer fare.

OK , there you go. There are some pretty good ones coming in June and even more that I'll talk about next week. Enjoy!

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