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Friday, April 24, 2015

Remaining May Titles

The last weekend before we move on to June titles is here. I will try to squeeze in as many of the remaining May titles as I can.

First, Craig Johnson has his eleventh Walt Longmire Mystery coming on May 12th, Dry Bones. 
This mixture of western with mystery with likable, fallible characters and just the right amount of humor has been very popular. It was the basis of an A&E television series that has been cancelled but Netflix is in negotiations to bring us another season. Longmire is the Sheriff of a rural county in Wyoming. When a complete fossil of a Tyrannosaurus rex is found and a rancher is found drowned, others enter the fray.

Walter Mosley has the 5th in the Leonid McGill mystery series coming also on May 12th, And Sometimes I Wonder About You. McGill is Mosley's New York bases PI and his life is in chaos. His wife attempted suicide and is in a sanatorium, his father is missing, his son is involved with another case and is never around AND he has broken up with his girl friend. When an unemployed office manager comes to him with a missing person's case, McGill turns it down. Then the office manager turns up dead and McGill's office is broken into. He is forced to take on the case. Can he find the missing female and can he solve the murder?

Joyce Carol Oates, a multi-award winning author and professor at Princeton University, has Jack of Spades coming out on May 5th. It features a best selling mystery author, Andrew Rush, who unknown to everyone, is also the author of a dark and lurid series penned by Jack of Spades. He carelessly leaves one of those books lying around and his daughter discovers it and starts asking questions. Then a local woman accuses him of copying her self-published works. Rush starts have evil thoughts. Psychological suspense at it's best.

Lincoln Child has a solo novel coming out on May 5th, The Forgotten Room. It returns Jeremy Logan last seen in The Third Gate. Logan is called to  investigate a death at a Newport RI think tank. A respected member went crazy and attacked a colleague and then killed himself. Logan finds a secret room filled with evidence of a long suspended project.

Jason Matthews won awards with his debut thriller, Red Sparrow. He is back on June 2nd (am I jumping the gun with a June book? I guess I am) with the same major characters in Palace of Treason. Captain Dominika Egorova of the Russian Intelligence Service is back in Moscow, working undercover for the CIA. She gets in big trouble when her the Russian authorities discover her name on a restricted list.

OK - those are the last ones I have for you in May. I had to throw in the last, even though it is technically a June list because his first book was so very popular. Hope you find something to read. Get ready for June titles next week.

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