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Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Mixture of Genres That Appeal To Me

Gosh - the last one for June titles. How time flies. I have dipped into a few different genres this week mostly because these sound interesting to me and I hope one or two will interest you also. Let's get started.

Elin Hilderbrand has The Identicals coming out on June 13. Hilderbrand is usually considered a 'women's author' and she does generally write about women. Here she looks at 2 identical twins,  Tabitha and Harper Frost, who may look alike but are completely different. So different in fact that they haven't been in real communication for years even though one lives in Nantucket and one on Martha's Vineyard. When a family crisis arises - they are forced to come together and overcome their differences. As a side note - Hilderbrand has a twin brother who is NOT an author. Hmmmmm.

Neil Jordan has Carnivalesque coming out on June 1. This title is defined as Fantasy but I might almost push it into the Horror genre. It is the story of a young male, Andy, who slips away from his parents when they take him to the circus and enters the Amazing Hall of Mirrors. Andy walks right into a mirror and a changeling walk out - someone that looks like Andy but is not. While Andy stays behind in the land of the circus. Think Night Circus by Morgenstern is you want to compare the atmosphere to another title. Warning - some readers have found it TOO descriptive while others loved it for it's descriptiveness.

Ann Kidd Taylor has The Shark Club coming out on June 6. Honest truth here - 2 things attracted me to this title. One is that Taylor is the daughter of Sue Monk Kidd and I have loved her work. This is Taylor's first novel although she co-wrote a memoir with her mother. Second - well - SHARKS!!!! I have lived on the coast and even seen a shark or two and I will never forget the first time I saw Jaws. But this work focuses on Maeve Donnelly who had been attacked by a shark when she was 12 and is now a world famous marine biologist. She returns home to find her ex fiance as the chef in the hotel and she is also involved with a British co-worker. So - part romance perhaps but mostly the story of a young woman trying to make up her mind.

Hallie Ephron has You'll Never Know, Dear coming out also on June 6. 40 years ago, 7 year old Lissie was playing with porcelain dolls on the front lawn with her 4 year old sister. While Lissie was chasing a puppy - her sister and her sister's doll, disappeared. Lissie still blames herself and every year, on the anniversary of her disappearance, her mother places an add for the doll. Then, one fateful day, the doll comes home. However, someone wants the truth to remain hidden.

Lastly, Joseph Finder has The Switch coming out on June 13. If you haven't read any of Finder's work (and he has written 14 works) generally deal with the common man being put in an extraordinary occurrence. Here, Michael Tanner, mistakenly pick up the wrong MacBook after going thought airport security. He has the one belonging to Senator Susan Robbins which has top secret files regarding a secret US spying mission. Obviously, more than one group wants it. He goes on the run to protect his family and he isn't sure who to trust.

OK - there are the last five coming out in June. Next week - we start July. Happy summer reading.

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