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Saturday, May 6, 2017

June's Top Authors

June is another popular publishing month and there are a lot of really good titles coming out. There are quite a few 'A List' authors who are publishing this month too. I will start with those.

Janet Evanovich has Dangerous Minds coming out on June 20. This is the second in the Knight and Moon series following Curious Minds (in case you want to read them in order). Knight is a handsome, rich, charming totally socially inept man. Moon is a Harvard Business and Law degreesfemale who has been kind of swept up in Knights path. Here, Knight has taken on the job of finding a missing island. Sound quirky enough for you?

Dean Koontz has The Silent Corner coming out also on June 20. Jane Hawk, an FBI agent, takes leave after her successful husband commits suicide. All Jane wants is to find out why. What she finds out is that many people who were successful and seemingly happy have been committing suicide recently. And the other thing she discovers puts her life in danger because some very high placed individuals are out to keep her from talking.

Eric Van Lustbadder has Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Initiative coming out on June 13. Bourne is hunted by his own when the head of the Russian FSB, Karpov, dies but leaves a plot in place. Bourne was the only one Karpov trusted so all are convinced that Bourne has betrayed his country. Karpov's plot entailed stealing the United States nuclear launch codes. Could Bourne have done it? Now he must unite with his worst enemies to solve the riddle.

James Patterson teams with Howard Roughan for Murder Games which comes out on June 26. Here, Elizabeth Needham, a NYC detective enlists Dylan Reinhart, a professor/author, in the hunt for a serial killer who is operating on the streets of Manhattan. The only clue he leaves behind is a playing card hinting at his next victim.

Lee Child is the editor for Matchup: The  Battle of the Sexes Just Got Thrilling which comes out on June 13. 11 female writers are paired with 11 male writers for 11 stories. Just as an example, Child's writes with Kathy Reichs where Temperance Brennan and Jack Reacher pair up also.Sounds interesting.

Terry Brooks, a gigantic name in the fantasy world, has The Black Elfstone coming out on June 13. This is the start of the end for Shannara. It is the first of a four book series which close the series for good. There has been peace, but now a force of invaders are cutting their way through the land. Who will face them? Four individuals including an exiled High Druid; a confused warrior, a teenage girl and a young orphan. Shannara has been around for 40 years. I don't think it will disappear before the last books come out.

Lastly, Nora Roberts has Come Sundown arriving on May 30 which isn't exactly June but it almost is. Bo runs the family ranch and resort in Montana. Suddenly, women are being murdered. Police suspect a new hire Callen Skinner but for some reason Bo trusts him. Involved with this somehow is Aunt Alice who had been missing since before Bo was born. Suddenly she is back but can she believe her. Can Bo really trust Cal. Who is murdering people? Nothing but questions here. Enjoy.

Hope there is something above that interests you. We will start slightly less know authors next week.

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