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Saturday, May 20, 2017

More June Thrillers

June is a big month for suspense or thrillers. There are quite a few more coming this month so I will start on the first bunch.

Mary Kubica has Every Last Lie coming out on June 27. In this title, Clara Solberg has just had her second child when she is informed that her husband has been in a car accident and is dead. Their 4 year old daughter miraculously survived. When their 4 year old starts having nightmares, Clara starts to feel as if the car accident was NOT an accident and must investigate. The story is told by alternating points of view, Clara's as she is investigating and her husband's (in the month before his death). Some secrets are better left alone.

Karen Robards has The Ultimatum coming on June 13. Robards in my opinion is the closest to Mary Higgins Clark in romantic suspense. Here Bianca Saint-Yves has been trained by her father to be a successful thief but she chooses to con money from thieves and in her 'real' life - run a security agency. When one of the jobs goes wrong and her father is killed, Bianca escapes to her 'real' job. Then she gets an email implying her father is not dead. Just what is going on?

Haylen Beck has Here and Gone coming on June 20. This one sounds good! It is from a pseudonymous Edgar Award nominated author. A women, Audra Kinney and her two children (11 year old Sean and 6 year old Louise) are fleeing an abusive marriage when they are pulled over on a desolate Arizona highway. The sheriff 'finds' marijuana in the car and arrests her - as she is being put in jail - she asks about her children and gets the reply "What children?" The true horror starts.

Ben Coes has his seventh Dewey Andreas title, Trap the Devil, coming out on June 20 also. A coup aimed at toppling the US Government is planned and the CIA director sends Dewey as an extra layer of protection for the Secretary of State but this assassin is smart enough to plan the murder and lay it at the feet of Andreas. Now Dewey has to solve the crime while being on the run from the people who should be his friends.

Marc Elsberg has Blackout coming out on June 6. This work is particularly frightening because you can almost see it happening. One night, the nights all over Europe go out. The nuclear reactors begin to overheat. A former hacker starts to investigate the cause and is immediately accused of doing it. He and an American reporter go on the run and try to get the grid back up while threats are arising to the US.This was a best seller in Europe.

OK - That gives you a few more to choose from. Hope you find something interesting. I will have move next week.

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