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Saturday, June 3, 2017

First of the July Titles

I usually start the month with the big name authors but there really aren't too many who have books coming out this month. Now don't panic - there are lots of good books - just only a few big name authors.

The first author I am covering is Kathy Reichs in a stand-alone (which isn't to say it won't turn into a series). Two Nights comes out on July 11. This is her first new protagonist since 1997. The main character is Sunday Night - an ex-military and ex-cop, private investigator. We don't initially get information about Sunnie's past but we know her background isn't spotless. She is hired by a wealthy woman when her grandson and daughter are killed in a bombing but the granddaughter is missing. Many reviewers found Sunnie less than likable before learning of her past. Hunting for the granddaughter makes Sunnie go back to try to understand herself and how it relates to the current case.

Next, big name is Iris Johansen writing with her son, Roy Johansen. Look Behind You comes out on July 18. This is the fifth in the Kendra Michaels series. A serial killer is working in the San Diego area, close to where Kendra is living. He is leaving behind souvenirs of unsolved murders all over the country. Kendra begins to feel as if he is taunting her. The FBI calls on her to help them and she begins to feel that perhaps one of the FBI team is the culprit. Reviewers have loved it.

Elizabeth Peters died in 2013 but she left behind much of the next adventure of Amelia Peabody. Her friend, Joan Hess, agreed to finish the work. The Painted Queen comes out on July 25. Here, the compadres chase a stolen statue of Nefertiti while Amelia dodges an assassin. Reviewers think that Hess did an admirable job with Peters voice. This is the final installment....if you want to see how it ends.

Perhaps not really a 'big' name but one I always recommend, David Rosenfelt has Collared coming out on July 18. I recently re-recommended Rosenfelt to my sister. I tried and tried before to get her to read on of his titles no avail. Recently, however, she did try ---- and as of today, she has read 5 of them. If you haven't read him, try him. It is not just because I am a dog lover that I recommend him. His work is really good. They are legal thrillers but there is comedy in there and the plot moves very quickly. This is the fourteenth in the Andy Carpenter series. Here, a dog is left at a rescue organization that Carpenter founded. The dog's microchip identifies him as the dog that was also taken two and a half years ago in a kidnapping. The search for the baby is renewed but Carpenter is also involved in discovering if the man jailed for the crime is really guilty.

Lastly, Daniel Silva has House of Spies coming out on July 11. So far, reviewers haven't gotten their hands on this work. His work though has been in great demand and this is the seventeenth in his Gabriel Allon series. Allon and his team are sent to track down the terrorists who committed the deadliest attack on the United States since 9/11. They are leaving a trail of destruction through London but Allon can find only one clue to follow. It leads his team to a drug runner who is doing business with the terrorists. Can Gabriel follow the trail?

OK - next up are some really good titles from lesser known authors. They are the best kind anyway when you feel you have helped make someone successful.

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