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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

September Major Names

I seem to keep apologizing I go again. I always do my blogs on Saturday early in the AM when the library is quiet. I am usually the only one here other than perhaps the cleaning staff. Last  Saturday I came in to do my blog and horror! - I was locked out of the network. No one to help me - no way to get to my phone list - so......I left. Now I will start with the September books instead of the last of August. I won't do a blog on Saturday but will do one towards the middle of the week next week. Then - I might do another on the Saturday after that. I really do like coming in early that day. It is quite peaceful. Anyway - one with the September names.

My most favorite of favored authors has a title coming out on September 20, Harlan Coben's title is Home. It is a Myron Bolitar title also, the eleventh in the series. I love this series there is humor and good characters AND a good plot. Here, 10 years ago two boys from wealthy families disappear. Myron and his sidekick Win think they have found one of them. Where had he been? What happened to the other boy? Questions that only Myron and Win can answer. I can't wait!!!!

Next, James Patterson and Maxine Paetro give us Woman of God on September 26. This is a departure for Patterson - I am not sure that all Patterson fans will like it. Reviewer see to love it though so they might. This is the story of a female priest who started as a doctor, Brigid Fitzgerald was a doctor who had a tough childhood and sacrificed to become a doctor and then volunteered to go to the war ravaged South Sudan to practice. Tragedy after tragedy after tragedy occurs - a few reviewers have hinted that perhaps too many tragedies. Brigid and her faith overcome them all. She becomes a female priest and...20 years later - there is talk of her becoming the Pope. She has enemies though both out and inside the church. Will she be alive to find out?

Clive Cussler with Robin Burcell have Pirate, the 8th in Fargo series, coming on September 13. Sam and Remi Fargo are on the search for an 800 year old treasure. Unfortunately, there is someone else who thinks it is rightfully his and he will stop at nothing. A typical Cussler high action adventure.

Next is perhaps not a 'major' author but she is local and she is really good. Karin Slaughter (from Atlanta) has The Kept Woman, the 8th in the Will Trent series. It comes out on September 20th. Will Trent has his own personal fan club within Karin Slaughter's readers. We like him. Here, he finds a body on the floor of an abandoned Atlanta warehouse and bloody footprints lead him to believe another wounded woman had wandered away. The unfortunate part is that the warehouse belongs to a famous athlete who Will is already investigating for rape. Slaughter's books don't need to be read in order so dive in anywhere. See if you want to join the Will Trent fan club.

Lastly - perhaps not as well known but certainly with her followings, J.A. Jance has Downfall, the 17th in the Joanna Brady series. It arrives on September 6. Brady is an Arizona sheriff and Jance's work has a great sense of place. The desert can be beautiful - or deadly. Here Brady is pregnant, her mother and father were recently slain; a re-election campaign is looming and her daughter is headed off to college. You might say she has her hands full but....things happen. Here, two woman 'fall' to their deaths off a local cliff. Were they connected? Was it an accident/suicide/murder? Many questions for Brady to answer.

OK, see if one of these tempt you. There are several that I am planning on reading. Talk to you next week!

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