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Saturday, August 20, 2016

More September Titles

So this week, I am going to do mysteries, suspense and thrillers that will be out next month. There are enough to dedicate this entry to them even without the ones I've already told you about.

Because I'm Watching by Christina Dodd comes out on September 6. Dodd writes romantic suspense among other genres and this fall in that genre. Mad Maddie, Madeline Hewitson, has survived a college dorm massacre; been accused of the murder of her lover; and now has driven her car into the house of Jacob Denisov. Jacob has quite a back story too.He blames himself for the troubles in his past and is trying to come up with the nerve to commit suicide. Then Maddie happens. Jacob begins suspecting that she isn't crazy but that someone is trying to convince her she is.

Elsa Hart has The White Mirror also arriving on September 6. This is a follow up to a title I loved, Jade Dragon Mountain. If this one has the wonderful sense of place and lushness of the first, it will be a winner for me. Li Du was an exiled imperial librarian but after the first book, he has become a free traveler. He accompanies a trade caravan which happens upon a dead monk with a strange image painted on his skin. Because of a snowstorm, the caravan and others are forced to take shelter in the local manor. Li Du finds clues which lead him to believe the monk was murdered and did not commit suicide. His investigation brings him to realize some hard truths about himself. Reviewers have praised this one highly -the said things like "the book is a fascinating look at 18th century China, its culture, religion, and the people's way of life." and "This is an excellent series with wonderful atmosphere, intelligent content, and beautiful writing." I highly encourage anyone who like historical mysteries to give this one a try. It can be read as a standalone.

An Obvious Fact by Craig Johnson comes out on September 13. This is the 12th in the Walt Longmire series. Walt is the Sheriff of Absaroka, Wyoming and he and his friend Henry Standing Bear travel to Hulett, Wyoming to join a motorcycle rally. While there, Walt is asked to assist on an accident investigation. Things get very complicated when dealing with biker gangs, undercover ATF agents, neo-Nazis and other gun-obsessed people. Henry likes to quote Sherlock Holmes and the title comes from one Henry loves to quote, "There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact." If you read Johnson, you won't want to miss this one.

Gilly Macmillan has The Perfect Girl arriving on September 6. If you read her debut novel, What She Knew, you will for sure want to give this one a try. Here,  Zoe Maisey is a 17 year old musical prodigy. When she was 14, she made a horrible mistake that ended with 3 teenagers being dead. She has served time, her parents got divorced, and she and her mother now live with a new step father who also has a son who is a musical prodigy. Unfortunately, the new father and brother have not heard about Zoe's past. During a big recital, one of the parents of the dead teens arrives and announces the secret. Somehow, at the end of the evening, Zoe's mother ends up dead. Who????? Why?????

Presumption of Guilt by Archer Mayor arrives on September 27. This is the 27th Joe Gunther novel. Here, a 40 year old skeleton is found encased in concrete at a decommissioned nuclear energy site. Gunther, the head of the Vermont Bureau of Investigation, gets the case which quickly goes from missing person to murder. The victim was Hank Mitchell and Gunther starts talking to people who knew him. Then, right after talking to one of them, the man is shot and killed AND a young police officer whose father is a VBI investigator is kidnapped. Apparently, even after 40 years, there are people who are willing to kill to keep the murderer safe.

Lastly, Stuart Neville has So Say the Fallen coming out on September 20. This is the second in the series taking place in Ireland and featuring Detective Chief Inspector Serena Flanagan. During her last case, her home had been invaded and her husband attacked. Her family has been unable to put this behind them and Serena is afraid they are going to leave. Then, she is asked to sign off on the supposed suicide of a severely disabled local businessman. On arriving, she finds the widow being comforted by the local reverend who is a close friend. Alarm bells start going off for Serena and she suspects foul play however, there is no evidence. Without support, she has to go forth on her own. Said to be a real page turner with a strong plot and believable characters.

Hope there is something here which tempts you. Only one more week before we move on to October. That is hard to believe. Enjoy!

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