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Saturday, July 23, 2016

More August Titles

July is coming to an end. I better hurry up with the August titles I want to mention.

Eric Van Lustbader has Any Minute Now coming out on August 16. Lustbader initially started in the science fiction/fantasy genre. However, suspense and thrill were included so Robert Ludlum's estate chose him to continue the Jason Bourne series. Now he is off writing thrillers of his own. This one is about a secret black ops team called Red Rover. One of their events went horribly wrong. When 2 of the team came back alive, Red Rover was shut down completely. For the two remaining, Greg Whitman and Felix Orteno, this left too many unanswered questions. They need to find the answers so Red Rover rises from the dead.

Bill Crider has Survivors Will Be Shot Again, the 23rd in the Sheriff Dan Rhodes series, coming on August 9. Crider fills his mysteries with humor and witty dialogue. I love that. Here Rhodes is trying to take a day off when he is pulled into a murder and then he gets involved with ghost hunters and run away bulls. Although this is the 23rd, reviewers say it can be read as a stand alone and then, you will have the pleasure of going back and reading from the beginning.

Christopher Farnsworth has Killfile also coming out on August 9. Farnsworth has been compare to Brad Thor or James Rollins but for this one, I would say he is more like Douglas Preston. There is a leap of faith you have to make to really get into this one. John Smith (is that his REAL name????) can hear other people's thoughts. He was a CIA operative but is now a private consultant and trying to keep other people's thoughts out of his head. However, money can convince you to change your mind and a software billionaire hires him to find and ex-employee and search through his mind for pilfered intellectual property. Sadly, Smith's identity is compromised and he goes on the run with the ex-employee's associate. Reviewers have loved this.

Karin Fossum has Hellfire, the 12th in the Inspector Sejer series, coming out on August 30th. Fossum is a Norwegian novelist and writes character-driven, dark, relatively violent mysteries. Here Sejer investigates the who and why in the murder of a mother and her 5 year old son. If you like Jo Nesbo or Anne Holt, Fossum is another in the Nordic Noir genre

The American Girl by Kate Horsley coming out on August 2nd. I hate it when publisher's marketing people immediate say a new book will remind you of Gone Girl or Girl on a Train. However, I have to say that this one does make me think about other works written by Gillian Flynn or maybe even Erica Spindler. Her psychological suspense is ABSOLUTELY psychologically suspenseful. Here, an American exchange student in France,Quinn Perkins,  comes out of the woods barefoot and bloody and can't remember what happened to her. Strangely enough, her entire host family is missing. A Boston journalist rushes to France to cover the story. The police find strong evidence that Quinn may be the murderer. This story is told from the point of view of the journalist and from diary entries by Quinn. Sounds like a good one to me.

OK - here are five to think about. I will try to do a few more next week. Keep cool!

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