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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Last Post about September Titles

Can't believe I will start on October titles next week we are at the end of August so I guess I have to believe it. I'm going to try to cover some quite quickly today. Let's see what we have left.

Todd Moss has Ghosts of Havana coming out on September 6. This is the third in the Judd Ryker series. What makes this series interesting is the Moss was a high ranking Department of State diplomat in West Africa so he understands the workings of the government. Moss' first two Ryker books took place in Africa but here, the place is Cuba. When 4 sport fishermen stray into Cuban waters and are imprisoned, Ryker, as the State Department Crisis Manager, is sent to deal with the incident. But the more he looks, the more he wonders what is actually going on.

Red Right Hand by Chris Holm comes out on September 13. This is the second in the Michael Henricks series after The Killing Kind. Hendricks is an paid assassin who kills assassins. When their is a terrorist attack on the Golden Gate Bridge, some mobile video showed the world that an FBI informant who they believed to be dead, was actually alive and well. He was supposed to testify against a crime syndicate called The Council. The FBI is only interested in catching the terrorists so Special Agent Charlie Thomson asks Michael Henricks to protest the witness. Compelling, fast paced and action-packed according to reviewers. Should you read the first one first? Most of the reviewers have.

I am just going to mention the next one because it is an interesting work on nonfiction but....well, you would have to want a real close view of the US education system. Nicholson Baker, an award winning author, spent a year as a substitute teacher with a school system in Maine. In Substitute, coming out on September 6, he describes his experience and his impression of todays public school system.

Sophie Hannah has Closed Casket coming out on September 6. This is the second in the New Hercule Poirot Novel series after The Monogram Murders. Here Poirot with help from Scotland Yard inspector Edward Catchpool solve a murder that takes place at an old rich, aristocrat lady's lavish party in the Irish countryside. Reviewers have said this one is even better than the first one and at times, you forget that you are not reading Christie.

Ron Rash has The Risen also coming out on September 6. When I think of Rash, I think of moody Appalachian mountain fiction and this meets that criteria. This story takes place in the Asheville, NC area and concerns two brothers. One, Eugene, a failed alcoholic author whose wife and daughter have left him and the other, Bill, a successful neurosurgeon. Back in the summer of 1969, a wild child Liegeia who had been sent to the town from Daytona Beach, in punishment - introduced both to drugs, alcohol and sex. Then, suddenly, she disappeared. What actually happened that summer? Rash's writing is lyrical with a real sense of place.

Lastly, again on September 6, Carl Hiaasen has Razor Girl arriving. As usual, it is filled with wild characters. Here Andrew Yancy lost his detective badge when he had a Dust Busting incident with his ex-lover's husband. Now, he inspects restaurants in Key West but wants to get back to his old job. He decides to try to solve a murder. Most of the enjoyment of reading Hiaasen comes from meeting the really outlandish characters he invents. This title certainly has that. So if you like humor or sarcasm with your suspense, try this one.

OK - those are the September titles from me. Hope there is something that interests you.

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