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Friday, April 17, 2015

More May Titles

May is a relatively popular month for publication of titles designed for summer beach reading. Not just the big names but lots of debut authors as well as aspiring best selling authors come out with titles this month.

Anne Hillerman continues with her father's Joe Leaphorn series with Rock with Wings which comes out on May 5th. Sgt. Jim Chee and his wife, Officer Bernie Manuelito TRY to take a vacation but 2 separate cases get in their way.

David McCullough has The Wright Brothers also coming out on the 5th. McCullough, a two time Pulitzer Prize winner, takes on the story of the Wright Brothers and their dedication to flight.

Rita Mae Brown with her cat, Sneaky Pie Brown, gives us the 23rd Mrs. Murphy Mystery - Tail Gait on May 26th. This title has two story lines, one taking place in current time with postmistress Mary Minor Haristeen investigating a murder and one taking place during the Revolutionary War. Events in the past effect events today.

Lyndsay Faye has The Fatal Flame, third and supposedly last in the Timothy Wilde series, coming out on May 12th. This series takes place in nineteenth century New York. Someone is starting fires and Wilde has to find out who is behind it. Revenge, murder, blackmail and prostitution - it was an interesting time to live in NYC.

Alex Grecian has his 4th Scotland Yard's Murder Squad series title arriving on May 19th, The Harvest Man. This series is, obviously, a British historical police procedural mystery. Jack the Ripper is back and Sgt. Hammersmith is still obsessed with finding him to the point of losing his position with Scotland Yard. A new murderer has shown up also, the Harvest Man - who carves off the faces of his victim. Just the case for Inspector Day, a new father of twins whose in-laws will not leave.

While we are in Jack the Ripper mode, Stephen Hunter has I, Ripper coming out on May 19th. This is a re imagining of Jack's person story and of an Irish journalist who covered the case. Reviewers have loved the language and place setting of London in the 1800's. If you like historical novels and you like true crime titles - this might be just your cup of tea.

One more is John Lescroart's The Fall which arrives on May 5th. Lescroart is a best selling legal suspense author and this one is no different. Dismas Hardy is the lawyer and he is joined in this book with his daughter, Rebecca. When a young African American teen falls to her death from a San Francisco area overpass, a young middle school teacher is implicated. Rebecca becomes involved and her father joins her in the effort to find out why this young girl died and who was responsible.

Enjoy these. Next week there are still more to discuss.

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