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Friday, April 3, 2015

May's Big Name Entries

Now it is April and we can start on the books coming out in May. There are quite a few by major authors. I know there will be something that should tempt you.

Ace Atkins' has Robert B. Parker's Kickback, part of the Spenser series, coming out on May 19th. Spenser is asked to help investigate why so many youth are being sentenced to a lock down juvenile facility for minor pranks. Of course, he finds corruption.

Clive Cussler & Boyd Morrison have Piranha, an entry into the Oregon Files series, coming out on May 26th. A German scientist on the verge of some big discovery went down with his ship during the 1902 eruption of Mt. Pelee on Martinique. Now an American weapons designer has wrapped up the scientists discovery and has evil plans. One thing is his hatred of Jan Cabrillo and the crew of the Oregon. Things get dicey.

John Sandford has Gathering Prey coming out on April 28th. That is almost May and by the time you start to read it, it will probably BE May. This is the 25th in the Lucas Davenport series. In this title, Lucas' adopted daughter, Letty, befriends a Traveler ( a roaming group of peaceful panhandlers). Letty hears from her friend that someone is killing members of the group. Lucas and Letty investigate.

Jeffery Deaver has Solitude Creek, the 4th in the Kathryn Dance series, coming out on May 12th. at a concert on the Monterrey peninsula, someone cried 'FIRE' and people were trampled to death what the attendees tried to escape. The problem is, there was no fire and someone caused the deaths to see people respond to their fears. Now he wants to do it again. Dance, a California Bureau of Investigation agent, must find out who and where before more deaths occur.

Nelson DeMille has Radiant Angel coming out on May 26th. This is the 7th in the John Corey series. Corey has left the Anti Terrorist Task Force and returned to NYC taking a supposedly easy job with the Diplomatic Surveillance Group. When he identifies one of the Russian 'Diplomats" as a former colonel in the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, he becomes concerned that something else is going on. Particularly when said 'diplomat' disappears.

Finally, James Patterson and Maxine Paetro have 14th Deadly Sin coming out on May 6th. The Women's Murder Club is back again. Paetro has been a co-author since the 4th one. All the members of the club are recovering from their last outing. Lindsay Boxer especially finds things going well - that is until she is put on the investigation of a series of crimes by a gang dressed as cops.

That is quite a variety there. Hopefully there is something for you. Enjoy!

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