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Friday, February 3, 2012

February Titles

restless Mystery Previews, February Through April 2012There are quite a few authors who are coming out with new books this month. I'll let you know about several this week and cover more next time.

Dana Stabenow's new title coming February 14th is Restless in the Grave which brings together two characters from different series - Aleut private eye Kate Shugak and Alaska State Trouper Liam.  

Helen Tursten's title Night Rounds has one nurse dead and another missing after a hospital blackout. This is part of Tursten's Dectective Inspector Irene Huss series which takes place in Sweden. It also comes out on the 14th.

Betty Webb's title, Desert Wind,comes out on the 7th of February. This seventh book in the Lena Jones series exposes real life crimes, and the reason why high-ranking government officials want those crimes to remain under wraps.

Christina Alger, a former Goldman Sachs analyst whose father was a CEO  of Goldman Sachs, produces the novel The Darlings. Alot of people are watching this title. She certainly should know the environment that she writes about. A pink-slipped attorney accepts a job offer from his father-in-law as the head of the legal department for a hedge fund that ends up in trouble. This title arrives on Feb 16th.

Accidents of Providence by Stacia Brown is the February entry for historical fiction lovers. Brown was working on her dissertation when she developed the idea for this book taking place in Cromwell run England. A glove maker has an affair and a dead baby is found buried.

So Damn Lucky by Deborah Coonts follows Lucky O'Toole, the head of Customer Relations at a Vegas Strip resort, on another adventure. This time, a magician disappears. Lucky follows the clues. This one comes out at the end of the month.

Lisa Gardner's Catch Me, which I have already raved about, comes out on the 7th.

J. A. Jance's entry this month is Left for Dead and for Vince Flynn's fan club, his entry is Kill Shot. Both come out on the 7th also.

But the one I have put my name on is Trail of the Spellmans by Lisa Lutz. I like my mysteries with some humor and Lutz has me rolling in the aisles. This is 5th in the series about a family private investigation firm in San Francisco. If you like Janet Evanovich, try Lisa Lutz. It is west coast instead of New Jersey but truely funny. The first in the series is The Spellman Files. Get ready to laugh.

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