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Thursday, February 16, 2012

On to the March Titles

Another month with lots of titles being published. Today, I'll talk about 2 of the titles that I have reviewed in other places and give you a list of the popular authors who are producing work this month.

The first title is The Dog Who Danced by Susan Wilson.
Wilson‘s newest title after One Good Dog again pulls your heart strings. This dog is a Shetland sheepdog whose owner, Justine Meade, has taught the dog to dance. Justine, a divorced single mother, finds herself in Seattle, WA with only the dog (Mack) as her only constant.  When her stepmother calls to tell her that her father is dying, she doesn’t have the money for airfare. Justine pays a truck driver $300 to take Mack and her to Boston but he abandons her at a truck stop and leaves with her dog in the back seat. When he realizes he has the dog, he leaves it at the side of a road.  The story is told from multiple points of view – Justine’s, Mack’s, and a couple who find Mack.  Really this is a story about dealing with loss, accepting things you cannot change and moving on. If you love dogs and don't mind crying, try this title.

Then comes Poison Flower by Thomas Perry. Perry has not received the acclaim that he deserves for his mysteries. This one is in the Jane Whitefield series. Perry wrote the first five entries in the series in the years between 1995 and 1999. Then , in 2009, he returned to Jane. He says that it was interesting with the first 5 titles to see how Jane matured and grew. He said he would return to her when she had something new to say and he did. Now he returns again. Jane is a Native American 'guide'. She says that  "I show people how to go from places where somebody is trying to kill them to other places where nobody is." In other words she is a one woman witness protection unit and she does it well. In Poison Flower, she helps James Shelby escape from a guarded courtroom. He had been wrongly convicted of killing his wife. With his escape, the real killers kidnap Jane and are prepared to torture her for information on his location. Instead of helping someone escape, she is now confronted with her own escape. Extremely suspenseful. When they put it in the thriller category, they weren't kidding.
OK - now some quick March entries:
Richard North Patterson - Fall from Grace on March 20, 2012
C.J. Box - Force of Nature on March 20, 2012
Randy Wayne White - Chasing Midnight on March 6, 2012
Jonathan Kellerman & Michael Gaydos - Silent Partner : The Graphic Novel on Feb 28, 2012
Jonathan Kellerman - Victims : An Alex Delaware Novel also on Feb 28, 2012
More on March releases next week.

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