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Saturday, June 24, 2017

More July Titles

I will continue with the July titles this week. There are quite a few thrillers coming out in July and some sound pretty good.

Ace Atkins, the author that was chosen to continue Robert B Parker's Spenser series, is a good author on his own. He has The Fallen, the seventh in his Quinn Colson series, coming out on July 18. Colson is still a County Sheriff in a northern Mississippi county. There have been a string of bank robberies around the area and when one occurs in Colson's county - he finds himself wondering if the robbers aren't former army rangers as he is. When Colson goes on a hunt for someone, it is always exciting. Highly praised by reviewers.

Saul Black, the pseudonym for Glen Duncan a British author, has the second of the Valerie Hart series, LoveMurder, coming out on July 25. This is the second in the troubled San Francisco homicide detective, Valerie Hart series. In this one, there are a string of murders and the murderer is leaving behind clues addresses to Hart. It reminds Hart of the murders done by Katherine Glass who is now behind bars. The last thing Hart wants to do is call on Glass again but....that is what is required.

Christopher Brookmyre has the eighth in the Jack Parlabane series, The Last Hack, coming out on July 4. Parlabane lands a job at an online news start-up when someone he owes a favor to calls in the debt. He finds himself aligned with a young woman who is a hacker and is the sole support of a learning disable sister. She also is being forced into illegal acts. Who is it that is doing this to them. Really well reviewed when it came out in Britain last year. This can also be read as a stand alone.

Nicci French is actually the writing team of Nicci Gerrard and her husband Sean French. Dark Saturday, the sixth in the Frieda Klein series, will be published in the US on July 11. Klein is a psychotherapist and minds can be frightening places. Here she is called in to evaluate Hannah Docherty who was convicted of killing her entire family 10 years previously. Klein begins to think that perhaps the original verdict was wrong but someone is out to stop her.

Glen Erik Hamilton has the third in the Van Shaw series coming out on July 25. Every Day Above Ground has Shaw learning of a pile of gold from a dying ex-con who was told about it by someone who had dies in prison. The man that told Shaw wants to make sure Shaw will take care of his pre-teen daughter. Shaw could use the money to repair his destroyed home. When he follows the lead, he ends up in a trap. And then, the pre-teen daughter's life is threatened. Will he do what's right or will he do what's legal?

Sheena Kamal has The Lost Ones coming out on July 25 also. This is Kamal's first novel. Nora Watts is a tortured character and the focus of the novel. She specializes in finding lost people but has a skill for which her employers pay her. She is able to tell when someone is lying. Nora lives in the basement of her employers building with her dog, Whispers, when she is approached by the adoptive parents of the child she gave up 15 years ago. Their daughter, a chronic runaway, has disappeared and this time, not returned. Will she help? Reviewers have really loved this - one said "Sheena Kamal smashes it out of the park with her breath-taking debut.......This really is a dark, female-driven thriller that keeps you on edge all the way through and you cannot help but hope for the best but fear the worst." Give this one a try.

OK - that gives you six from which to choose. There are more, but I will wait till next week.

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