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Saturday, April 22, 2017

More May Thrillers and Mysteries

Another week and there are even MORE thrillers to talk about - but I have thrown in some mysteries too. Sometimes the difference between thrillers and mysterious are in individuals minds so you can view and guess which are which.

Sarah Lotz has The White Road coming out on May 30. Simon Newman is an adrenaline junkie who films high octane experiences for viewing on a shared web page 'Journey to the Dark Side'. He arranges a guide to explore some dangerous caves and barely makes it out alive. Then he decides to conquer Mount Everest with filming of those who never made it back. When he comes across the remains of a tragic event ten years ago, danger is on his trail.

David Swinson has Crime Song coming out on May 2. This is his second in the Frank Marr series. Marr is a retired police detective that has a secret drug habit. Here, he is staking out a nightclub to track down a dealer that he can steal drugs from for his habit. When he returns, he finds his home has been broken into and things like his gun have been stolen. Then, he finds out the drug dealer has been murdered. Who do you think they will suspect?

Peter Blauner has Proving Ground coming out also on May 2. What is most interesting to me about this title is that some reviewers are fascinated with Lourdes Robles, a detective just off probation who is trying to solve a murder and others think the main interest is Nathaniel Dresden, a prosecuting attorney from Miami who is a Iraqi war veteran with PTSD. Nathaniel Dresden's father - a defense attorney from New York is murdered. Nathaniel comes to help his mother. He never got along with his father and had no relationship with him. Maybe he is involved with his death. I guess the only way to figure out who is the central figure in this possible series is by reading it.

Carolyn Haines has the seventeenth in her Sarah Delaney series, Sticks and Bones, coming on May 16. Sarah and friends are at a party when an unliked college classmate shows up in town. Frangelica 'Sister' McFee is in town for the filming of her hit memoir about the murder of her mother and brother. The production company has some questions and hires Sarah to look into the past event. Someone doesn't want the truth to be told.

Leif Persson has The Dying Detective coming out on May 23. Retired Swedish homicide detective Lars Martin Johansson is hospitalized after a stroke and heart problems. His doctor mentions an old cold case - the rape and murder of a nine year old girl. It is just the type of things that he can not resist trying to solve. Can he solve the case from his hospital bed with only a group of amateurs to help him? Said to have subtle, dark humor with Swedish cultural and political history information. Reviewers have loved it.

OK, there you go. Five more books to ponder. There are at least 3 of them that are on my list. How about yours?

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