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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Big Names in May

Here I am again and here is another month too. There are quite a few big name authors coming out with titles. May is a big publishing month as they believe people do more reading in the summer. So let's get started with the titles they hope you will be reading on vacation.

Clive Cussler has Nighthawk coming out on May 30. This is the fourteenth in the NUMA series. The most advanced aircraft disappears as it was coming back to earth carrying exotic material. This material must be stored near absolute zero or it could cause the apocalypse. While NUMA is searching, Russia and China are also looking to get the new technology.They do not know what it was carrying. Can NUMA save the world?

Next is an author who is probably NOT that well known - Paula Hawkins -  but her debut novel certainly will ring bells. She wrote The Girl on the Train. Will her second novel measure up? Only one way to tell. Into the Water comes out on May 2 Most reviewers seem to think this one is a better written book. Plot wise, it deals with a town near the river. People have died in that river and then one of them, who had become obsessed with the deaths and the river, jumps in and dies. Her estranged sister comes to take care of the daughter of the woman. What can they find out about the secrets of the town?

Ace Atkins may not be that well known but he was chosen to continue Robert B. Parker's Spenser series. Robert B Parker's Little White Lies comes out on May 2. Almost everyone agrees that Atkins does a good job with this series. Amazingly enough, this is the forty fifth tile in the Spenser chain. Here his permanent psychologist girlfriend passes Spenser a client who had been conned out of almost $300,000 by someone she met over the Internet. Can Spenser find him? Some of it takes place in Georgia too.

Now for the usual fare.

Michael Crichton has Dragon Teeth coming out on May 23. Now this is interesting because Crichton died in 2008. This work was not done by a ghost writer but is an original work that was recently discovered. Perhaps, according to some reviewers, this was a work he was keen on getting published speaks. It is definitely NOT a Jurassic Park. It takes place in 1876 where there was a virtual war between paleontologists to find dinosaur bones.See what you think.

James Patterson has 16th Seduction coming out on May 1. This is obviously the sixteenth in the Women's Murder Club series. Fifteen months ago, live was good for Detective Lindsay Boxer. Now, things are not that way. Joe, her husband, betrayed her - the bomber they captured raises damning questions about Lindsay and she must find out what is going on. Plus, who can she trust?

Danielle Steel has Against All Odds arriving on May 2. This is Steel's third book this year. No idea how she does it. Here, a woman who was widowed early, raised her four children while managing a Soho resale shop. Her children are grown now and they keep making these mistakes. Will they ever settle down? Will she be able to not worry about them?

Lastly, someone who is made to read during the summer in the south, Dorothea Benton Frank has Same Beach, Next Year coming out on May 16. Two former lovers meet on the beach of the Isle of Palms near Charleston. They and their respective spouses form a close friendship that grows from year to year. Over 20 years they helped sustain each other through a deep friendship, meeting every summer at the same beach.

OK - that's it for this one. There has to be something to tempt you above. I hope so anyway. I'll be back next week with the lesser know folk. Have a great weekend.

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