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Saturday, April 8, 2017

May Thriller Titles

Let's see if I can do this month by genre. I know I have enough good thrillers coming this month to do this week and maybe more than one week. I also have lots of mystery titles so I should be able to do those two. Then maybe a mixed week for the rest. We start with thrillers..

Dennis Lehane has Since We Fell coming out on May 9. Dennis' thrillers tend to be darker and more disturbing than some. Here, a reporter, Rachel Childs, has a very public break down after a traumatizing case. She retreats into oblivion with only outings to a bar. She meets and marries a businessman and thing are looking up until she witnesses something that puts everything in doubt and starts her spiraling downward again.

Scott Turow has Testimony arriving on May 16. This could be considered the 10th of his Kindle County legal thrillers. Turow writes fast paced, intricately plotted legal thrillers with smart dialog and which usually deals with issues.  Here, Bill ten Boom throws everything away - wife, family, job - and decides to start again in Europe with the International Court of Justice. He is to investigate who wiped out a Bosnia town of 300 people ten years ago. In searching for the 'bad guys', he also learns some things about himself.

Dale Brown has Price of Duty coming out also on May 16. Brown writes fast paced techno thrillers so get ready for a wild ride. This is the twenty first in his Patrick McLanahan series although here, the hear is Patrick's son Brad. The Russian president begins his plan of taking over the globe with a cyber attack on Poland. Nearly all Polish bank accounts are erased. Panic all over Europe increases.Than, the Russian president directs attacks on the European power grid and remotely hijacks an airplane. Something MUST be done so Brad McLanahan is called upon to save the day.

Alan Drew has his second novel and first suspense title, Shadow Man, coming out on May 23. Drew's first literary work received critical praise. This work concerns a serial killer and a police detective, Ben Wade, out to catch him but it is also about a man looking back to a past he has tried to forget. Beautifully written with a strong sense of place, it features a series of murders and the supposed suicide of a high school star of the swimming team. He is compared to Dennis Lehane in Southern California.

Heather Gudenkauf has Not A Sound coming out on May 16. Gudenkauf, herself, has a hearing impairment so it makes sense that the main character in this work also has one. Amelia Winn was rendered deaf by an accident and loses her job and her family because of her depression. When she finally begins pulling herself through with the help of a hearing dog, she literally falls over a dead body. Will this start another downhill slide?

Steve Hamilton has Exit Strategy also coming out on May 16. This is the second in the Nick Mason series. It also has had the film rights purchased by Lionsgate. For those who have not read the first one, Nick Mason got a get out of Jail free card from a crime organization bigwig who was imprisoned with him. All he had to do, once her was out, was do some errands for the bigwig. Well, he got out. In this one, Nick is trying to figure out how to get out of the deal as the 'errands' have gotten more and more dangerous. Now he is suppose to find out where the 3 witnesses against the bigwig are and kill them. The three are in the Witness Protection Program and are hidden. Can Nick mange this one or find the right exit strategy first?

OK - there are some titles to think about this week. I'll be back next week with more.

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