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Friday, December 16, 2016

New January Thrillers

There are some exciting thrillers coming in January - one one by an A list author but plenty that are just as good. See if you would like to give one of them a try.

First, the big name, Stuart Woods has Below the Belt coming out on January 3. This is Woods 40th Stone Barrington title. It is mostly more of the usual with Stone fighting the bad guys while keeping a drink in one hand and a lady companion in the other. Here, though there is political intrigue also. If you like the series - you of course will read this one.

Alex Berenson has The Prisoner, the eleventh in the John Wells series, coming out on January 31. Wells, a CIA agent who became a Muslim when he infiltrated al Qaeda years ago, is forced to go undercover again as an al Qaeda jihadi to discover who is giving ISIS national secrets. Said to be fast moving and suspenseful.

This Is Not Over by Holly Brown comes out on January 17. This title has had interesting reactions from reviewers. One particular reviewer said that she really disliked the two main characters but she couldn't stop reading - she stayed up late reading and rushed home from work to read. Dawn's dream luxury weekend at the beach turned into a nightmare and she demanded a refund. Miranda, the owner, gave her a refund but kept $200 because she said the stain wouldn't come out of the sheets. Dawn would not let it go and wrote a scathing review of the home. Miranda retaliated...on and on and on. Two different women who refused to give way. It gets much darker and frightening.

Heather Graham and Jon Land co-authored The Rising out on January 17. This one is kind of romantic suspense with a little scifi thrown into it. Alex is a high school football star and homecoming king. He is injured in a game and ended up in the hospital where a strange shadow is discovered in his brain. Then, his doctor is killed and his parents are found dead at his home. Alex takes off and is followed by his tutor, Samantha. Who is trying to kill him? Alex knew he was adopted but had no idea where he was from.......

M.A. Lawson has K Street  also coming out on the January 17. This is the third in the Kay Hamilton series. In the first one, she gets fired from the DEA; in the second one, she gets a new job with The Callahan Company and almost gets killed; here, in the third one, she is going to the company office to give them her resignation and finds that the company office has been attacked, her boss is mortally wounded, only saying NSA before succumbing to death and the safe and the computer has been stolen. Who has done this? She has to find out. Reviewers really enjoy this series for straight political intrigue with little if any sex.

Lastly, Jonathan Moore has The Dark Room coming out on January 10. This is a followup to the author's first title The Poison Artist. Here, San Francisco homicide detective Gavin Cain is pulled away in the middle of an exhumation by the mayor. The mayor has received threatening black & white photos and the promise that more would be released unless the mayor killed himself. Cain is on the trail of the blackmailer and discovers dark secrets.

OK - there  you go for this week. I am hoping to do one more entry before Christmas but see if one of these is meant for you.

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