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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

LibraryReads January List

The LibraryRead list contains authors not as known as some others. There are no big name authors this month but that doesn't mean there are no really good titles coming. I am pretty excited about some of these. Let's see what you think.

The top vote getter was JP Delaney's The Girl Before which comes out on January 24. Ron Howard has already purchased the film rights so you know it has to be good. One Folgate Street is a stunning house built by Edward Monkford, an architect. Emma was looking for a 'flat' where she felt safe and that was in this building. Monkford has some strange requirements but she took it and then...... Jane also was looking for a flat and came upon the same one, she also took it and then began following the clues to it's former tenant. Would it end the same way?

The rest in no particular order:

Katherine Arden's The Bear and the Nightingale comes out on January 10. This story is based on a Russian fairy tale and takes place in 14th century Russia. Vasya's stepmother and the new village priest attempt to end pagan offerings. Vasya realizes it is up to her to stop the Bear from awakening. Said to be captivating.

Jane Harper's The Dry comes out on January 10 also. Harper is a debut author from Australia. It has had rave reviews over there and in the US. Here Agent Aaron Falk is summoned to the funeral of his long ago best friend and family who died in the murder/suicide. Falk starts investigating and discovers the town has some grudges and secrets. Apparently, his friend and Falk had some secrets too.

Sarah Pinborough's Behind Her Eyes comes out on January 31. This title has been really well reviewed. People say that it is riveting and plotted extremely well along with an unbelievable ending. Louise meets David in a bar - there is an instant attraction. After a kiss goodnight - he leaves. When Louise shows up to work the next morning, she discovers David is her new boss AND he is married. Adele becomes a close friend of Louise. Louise senses something is horribly wrong with the couple. What the heck is going on?????

Will Schwalbe's Books for Living comes out on December 27th and is the sole nonfiction title on the list this month. Here Schwalbe focuses on the books that changed his life. A book about books - unfortunate that it is not out early in December - it would make a good Christmas gift.

Susan Rivers' The Second Mrs. Hockaday comes out on January 10,  Debut author who has written an emotional historical fiction novel. Placidia is seventeen when she marries Major Hocksaday, a much older man with  a small child. After only two days, he must leave to fight in the Civil War and she is left to manage his large farm and son with no help. He returns two years later to find that she is in jail and it is said that she had a child and killed the infant. What actually happened?

Brunonia Barry's The Fifth Petal comes out on January 24. Barry goes back to the scene of her bestselling first title, The Lace Reader. It also has some of the same characters. Here, the Chief of Police, John Rafferty (now married to Towner Whitney) investigates a 25 year old murder of 3 women said to be related to the original Salem witches. Said to be beautifully written, if you read and liked the first one, this one is a must.

Lindsey Lee Johnson's The Most Dangerous Place on Earth comes out on January 10. The above mentioned most dangerous place on earth is a high school in an affluent area in California. This title follows a group of students when they move from middle school where a tragic incident took place, into high school where they are still being affected by the tragedy. Said to be a compelling read that takes a realistic look at the high school culture.

Peter Swanson's Her Every Fear comes out also on January 10. Kate Priddy swapped apartments with her cousin that she had never met - Kate coming to Boston from London and Corbin going the opposite way. She discovers that her next door neighbor is murdered and there are some that implicate Corbin. Could Corbin have done it? .....Said to be a real page turner.

Lastly, Elle Katharine White's Heartstone comes out on January 17. This is White's first novel. Here she has taken the plot of Pride and Prejudice and made it into a historical fantasy with warriors and dragons and grphons. White is praised for her world building and those that love fantasy - loved this book.

OK - there you go. Hope something interests you.

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