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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Last Post for 2016

I am headed on vacation after this post is published. Then, I will be back for the first week in January and then out for 4 to 6 weeks.  I am afraid the blog will be dormant while I am gone. However, you have January titles and the next post will be February titles so....I hope to be back in February to do at least one post on the March titles. So hopefully, all months will be covered.

First I am going to cover Nicholas Petrie's Burning Bright which comes out on January 10. I loved his first title, The Drifter, featuring Peter Ash, a PTSD suffering veteran who has to live in the outdoors to soothe his claustrophobia. Here while wandering the the northern California forest, he comes upon a bear and while climbing a tree to avoid the bear, he discovers a girl. June Cassidy is a journalist who is being hunted by men in dark cars because of something her mother was working on. How could Ash NOT come to the rescue? This will be a must read for me.

Two Days Gone by Randall Silvis is also coming out on January 10. Here, a small town esteemed professor and author, Thomas Huston, goes missing when his wife and children are discovered murdered. The police sergeant in charge, Ryan Demarco, looked on him as a friend - how could he have done this? As Demarco investigates, he starts question his former view of Huston. Did he? Could he have?

Tim Dorsey has Clownfish Blues coming out on January 24. Did you know that Tim Dorsey graduated from Auburn? He was the editor of the  student newspaper while he was there. Then, he wrote for a Montgomery Paper for awhile. Now, he is famous. This is the 20th Serge A Storm title and each one keeps getting funnier.Here, Serge and his ever present compadre Coleman are driving around in a silver Corvette shooting their own version of Route 66 when they get mixed up with money-laundering drug cartels trying to game the state lottery system. Watch out bad guys, Serge is dangerous.

Deanna Raybourn has the second in the Veronica Speedwell series, A Perilous Undertaking coming on January 10. If you like your mysteries with a Victorian feel, this series is for you. Veronica is a butterfly hunter and an adventuress. She has a natural historian as a companion, Stoker. Together they take on hunts for more than animal life. Veronica is invited to a ladies only club where she meets a mysterious lady who  challenged her to find the real murderer of a woman and by doing so, save the life of art patron Miles Ramsforth. There are many secrets and much danger in this challenge and Veronica is up for the task.

Lastly, I have an offering by Nicola Moriarty - and yes, she is the sister of the very popular Lianne. She has The Fifth Letter coming out on January 24. This is very much a kind of 'what would you do' type story. Four friends have stayed together through thick and thin. Joni, Deb, Eden and Trina are now adults with families and careers and is harder to stay firmly together. On a vacation to the beach, Joni suggests that they each write a letter about a dark secret. Later, Joni finds a half burnt letter in the fireplace filled with bitterness and dislike. Which one of her friends feels this way? Why does she feel this way? And what should Joni do about it? Sounds interesting to me.

Hope you all have a great holiday and I will return in 2017.

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