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Saturday, July 2, 2016

August Titles by Big Name Authors

August is not the most popular month for publishing. There are some major authors but most have either published in the spring for summer reading or will publish in the fall. However, I think I can come up with enough to talk about today.

Debbie Macomber has the conclusion Rose Harbor series arriving on August 2nd, Sweet Tomorrows. Macomber, for those who don't know her, writes gentle romances similar in style to Lori Copeland. Here, Jo Marie Rose, the innkeeper, starts dating again after Mark Taylor leaves town and a new boarder, Emily Gaffney, has decided she is never getting married after two broken hearts. The Rose Harbor Inn starts working it's magic. Can they both find happiness?

Sandra Brown has Sting coming on August 16th. Brown began by writing straight romances but has turned toward fast paced romantic suspense kind of like Nora Roberts or Karen Harper. Here, Shaw Kinnard has been sent by his evil boss to kill Jordie Bennet. Bennet's brother has stolen $30 million from the boss. Instead, Shaw decides to abduct her and try to get the $30 million for himself. With both the boss and the FBI after them, sparks start to fly.

This next one is interesting. Stuart Woods and Parnell Hall wrote it together. If you haven't read anything by Hall before, he write quirky mysteries with a lot of humor, Woods writes a man's man and Hall writes almost cozies. Hmmmm. Interesting, no? Smooth Operator is due out on August 2nd. Here the President asks Stone Barrington to handle a dicey problem but Stone doesn't believe he is the man for the job. Instead, he recommends Teddy Fay. This is to be the first in a series I believe. Fay is an ex-CIA master of disguise who doesn't always believe in following the law. Sounds pretty good.

OK - now I am going to venture into the not quite as famous authors. Starting with Charles Todd. Actually, Todd is not one person but two - a mother and a son - although the son's name is Charles Todd. They write historical mysteries. The Shattered Tree comes out on August 30th. This one is the eighth in the Bess Crawford series. Bess is a World War I battlefield nurse and here while tending an injured French office, he shouts at her in German. His superior says it was because he was from the Alsace area which has been passed back and forth from France to German though out the years. Bess though felt forced to investigate after the office disappears in Paris. Can she discover his true identity?

One last almost famous author - well, she is famous to the people who read her. Susan Elizabeth Phillips has First Star I See Tonight coming out on August 23rd.  Phillips specializes in humorous romances and this one sounds like it is exactly that. Piper Dove is a detective tailing a former Chicago quarterback who does not want a bodyguard. When he spots her, she pretends to be a stalker but then he hires her to  keep an eye on the staff at his nightclub. It is hard to keep and eye on him when she has Middle Eastern Princesses and teenagers to handle. Both Piper andCooper Graham (the quarterback) try to prove to each other that they can be tough while resisting the sparks that start to fly.

OK - there you go. A little heavier on the romances than usual but there should be something there for you. Have a great July 4th.

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