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Saturday, October 3, 2015

November Big Names - and There Are A Lot!

Wow - there are a lot of major authors coming out with new works this month. I am going to try to cover most of them but there will be other weeks to do the rest so....I will do as many as I can.

First off, David Baldacci has The Guilty coming out on November 17. This is the fourth in the Will Robie series. Will Robie left his hometown after high school and never looked back. Now, his father, a town judge, has been charged with murder. Robie returns to try to help but meets resistance on all sides, including his father. Can he find out if his father is really guilty? What possibly deadly secrets will he discover?

Michael Connelly has The Crossing coming out on November 3. Harry Bosch is retired from the LAPD but can't seem to stay out of trouble. His half-brother who is a defense attorney wants his help in clearing a client of murder. When he starts investigating, he starts drawing bullets. Hmmm. Can he make it through this time?

Everyone's favorite, Stephanie Plum, is back with Tricky Twenty-Two by Janet Evanovich on November 17. Stephanie is assigned the case of Ken Globovic who was arrested for beating up the dean of students at Kiltman College and then missed his court date. People have seen him on campus but no one is talking.When the person Ranger was hired to protect is killed in his backyard and then Joe Morelli is assigned the case, Stephanie has a dilemma. All she wast is the cash prize.

Mary Higgins Clark has her second in the Under Suspicion series coming on November 17, All Dressed in White.  Laurie Moran decides to take on a case of a missing bride as a cold case for her investigative TV series. Amanda Pierce disappeared 5 years ago at The Breakers in  Palm Beach just before her wedding. Moran brings her whole crew down to The Breakers to reenact the event in hopes on new clues being found. Danger is the result.

James Patterson brings back Alex Cross with Cross Justice on November 23. Cross goes back to his North Carolina hometown after 30 years to defend a cousin. In the process, Alex discovers a deadly family secret which might kill him. Now he is looking for the killer and the truth.

Lastly for this week, Stephen King has a work of short stories coming on November 3, The Bazaar if Bad Dreams. King has always been a great short story author and has won awards for it. This is a collection of some previously published in magazines or online and some brand new stories. Each is prefaced with notes on its origins, themes or motivations. King has said "Feel free to examine them, but please be careful. The best of them have teeth." I personally, can't wait. I've always loved King's work - maybe not his Carrie or The Shining - but his real 'morality tales' like The Stand or Insomnia or 11/22/63. 

Hope you find something you want to read above. Probably you have already put your name on most if you liked the author. However, next week we hit ones you might not know about.

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