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Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Last Week for November Books

There are a few more titles coming out in November that in my opinion, might be interesting. You can see if you agree.

Sally Andrews has Recipes for Love and Murder: A Tannie Maria Mystery coming out on November 3. Andrews  lives in a nature preserve in South Africa. Her first novel is similar to an Alexander McCall Smith with cooking and recipes thrown in. In this, Tannie Maria is a widow (her abusive husband came to an early end) who lives peacefully on a small farm in South Africa. She also writes an advice and cooking column for the local paper. When an abused woman who sought her advice ends up dead, Tannie feels she must investigate.

It must be nice to be Ben Sanders. He is a New Zealand author who wrote 3 books were written while he was studying at a university and all became New Zealand bestsellers. He graduated and wrote the above - his American debut - which had its film rights sold to Warner Bros and Bradley Cooper is attached to star and produce. Talk about an early star!!!! This American debut - American Blood - comes out on November 17. Marshall Grade, an ex-NYPD officer who was put in witness protection after a botched undercover operation, is drawn into an investigation into a local woman named Alyce Ray. He is suppose to keep a low profile as the mob wants him dead and have hired a contract killer names Dallas Man to track him down and put him away. I can see Bradley Cooper playing Marshall - how about you?

Also on November 17, Kevin Barry has Beatlebon arriving. Barry is an award winning Irish author and this is his first big American push. It takes place in 1978 and features John Lennon who is escaping New York City to find peace and hopefully his creative edge again. Nine years before, he had purchased a small island off the coast of Ireland and he put himself in the hands of a shape-shifting driver to take him there. Is it any surprise that the trip is not direct? The writing is said to be magical.

Ethan Hawk - yes the movie star Ethan Hawk - is also an author. On November 10, his third novel is being published, Rules for a Knight. Cornish knight Sir Thomas Lemuel Hawke is going off to a battle and he does not expect to return. Before leaving, he writes a book for his children. Each chapter is about 20 virtues that will help them lead a noble life. For each virtue, there is a parable. Ethan Hawk's wife provided the artwork for the book. Said to be both inspirational by some and boring by others. I guess you have to be in the mood.

Lastly, on November 10, Mitch Albom brings us his next work, The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto. Albom is a songwriter and a lyricist  - who knew that? He actually started out in the music field, later turning to journalism and then to fiction. This work tells the story of Frankie Presto, the greatest guitar player ever. He was abandoned as an infant and raised by a music teacher in Spain. When he was 9, he was sent to America to avoid the chaos of the Spanish war. At that time, his only possession was an old guitar and 6 magic blue strings. When he realizes that he can change lives with those magic strings, he vanishes but then reappears to change one last life. Reviewers say that this novel really sings.

OK-there are the last titles coming out in November. I think there should be something for almost anyone. See if there is one you like.

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