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Monday, September 28, 2015

More October Titles

Here are the next few titles that I personally am looking forward to reading.

Adriana Trigiani has All the Stars in the Heavens  coming out on October 13. After her Big Stone Gap series, she heads to the Hollywood of the 1930's and the real-life love affair of Loretta Young and Clark Gable. With this background the story focuses on Young's personal assistant - a young woman names Alda who had been studying to become a nun. How she deals with Hollywood while trying to maintain her high ideals is a struggle.

Faye Kellerman has The Theory of Death coming out on October 27. This is the 23rd in the Peter Decker series. Decker is now Chief of police in  quiet Greenbury in upstate NY. It has been over a year since the last murder in town and he is enjoying the quiet pace. Then, the nude body of a man is found in the woods near town. It appears to be a suicide but with no personal items near the body, Decker has a hard time finding out who he is. An old friend, Tyler McAdams, shows up and both men start an investigation. Can they solve the twisted crime?

Mike Maden writes a series about high tech warfare. His third in the Troy Pearce series, Drone Command, arrives on October 16. Pearce and his high tech team is called in to diffuse a conflict between China and Japan. China claimed some waters in the East China Seas and Japan is willing to fight to have them remain open. Political intrigue from Maden who holds a  PhD. in political science.

Sloane Crosley has penned her first novel, The Clasp arrives on October 6. Three friends in their late 20's meet at a college friend's wedding. The groom's mother tells one of them about a necklace that vanished in Nazi-occupied France. The three friends are off on a hunt for the necklace. It's hard for the three to meld the way they did in college with life having changed each. Told with heartfelt humor and suspense.

Kate Morton has The Lake House coming on October 22. Morton tells the story in two time periods starting in 1933 when a couple lived in a large lake estate with their 3 daughters and 11 month old son and other relatives. During a large midsummer party, the son disappears and is never found. Seventy years later, Sadie Sparrow is put on disciplinary leave from the London police department when she can not let a case go. She visits her grandfather in Cornwall and stumbles on the vacant, deserted house and learns about the disappearance. She investigate to occupy herself. One of the 1933 daughters has become a mystery author and now lives in an elegant Hampstead home. Sadie arrives with questions and brings the past back with all of its secrets.

Hope there is something here for you. Next time we start with November.

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