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Saturday, September 5, 2015

October's Big Names

There are several very popular authors who are publishing titles in October. I think there is probably something here for everyone. Take a look.

Robin Cook has Host coming out on October 20. Cook is known for his medical thrillers and this one is no different. When a 4th year medical student's boyfriend's routine surgery, ends up with him being brain dead, Lynn Peirce must investigate. What she uncovers results in death threats. Can she and her lab partner find the answers before two big medical companies close their mouths forever? It is truly a desperate race.

Before Vince Flynn died, he was said to be co-authoring a book with Brian Haig. Unfortunately, that has not yet come to fruition. Instead, Flynn's estate has asked Kyle Mills to continue the Mitch Rapp series. I have always enjoyed Mills' own work so I think they put it in good hands. The Survivor comes out on October 6. Vince had written the first 2 chapters of this work before passing so Mills had something to start with. His own work is not dissimilar to Flynn's but with a touch more sarcasms so I will be interested in seeing if Rapp's personality changes at all. This work follows the event in The Last Man. Joseph "Rick" Rickman stole a massive amount of top secret data and offered it to Pakistani secret forces. Now he is dead but no one knows where the info is. Rapp must find Rickman's accomplices and the data which is being slowly leaked to the world. Let's see how Mills does.

The ever popular John Grisham has Rogue Lawyer coming out on October 20. Because I haven't read Grisham for a while and I don't expect I will read this one, I am going to quote from the Kirkus review. "Another by-the-numbers legal procedural, at once gritty and lethargic, by longtime practitioner Grisham.Sebastian Rudd, the rogue lawyer, carries a gun, works out of his car, and sleeps in a different hotel room every week, precisely because he runs up against so many bad guys who mean him harm. Some of them are cops. Why? Because Sebastian, though jaded and cynical, as literary lawyers are required to be, apparently still believes in justice Rudd finds himself in a Podunk burg where a client is fighting for his life against the charge that he's brutally murdered two little girls in a spectacularly gruesome crime. Indirection and misdirection abound, with lots of talky exposition, the requisite maverick-y norm-flouting and the usual sarcastic world-weariness Unfortunately, the reader can see most of the mystery coming from a long way off, making the yarn less effective than most. .(Kirkus Reviews, August 15, 2015). If you like Grisham, you will read it anyway.

Debbie Macomber has a Christmas novel coming out on October 6. We can start the holiday season with Dashing Through the Snow, the story of a graduate student and a former army intelligence officer who are forced to share a rental car to Seattle so one can visit with family and the other can get to a job interview. Within the confines of the car, they open up to each other and start to develop feelings. Let's just say that the ride is not without it's share of mishaps and adventures. Will they make it to Seattle in time?

George R. R. Martin has A Knight for Seven Kingdoms coming on October 6. This is the first US edition of the first 3 official prequel novellas to A Song of Ice and Fire. They recount the time when the Targaryen line still held the throne and the memory of the last dragon was fresh on their minds. For all those who are having trouble waiting for the next volume in the series.

John Sandford has an entirely new type of book coming out on October 6, Saturn Run. Sandford wrote this work with Ctein, who I am going to assume is an engineer. This story is about a space age rush between the US and the Chinese to reach Saturn where a space ship is noticed by Caltech intern. The US tried to keep it secret but when the Chinese find out, the race is on. Who will be the first to reach Saturn. This takes place in 2066 so I'm not fooling you when I say it is different than his others. Kind of a science fiction thriller with lots of technical information.

Lastly, Stuart Woods has a new Stone Barrington work , Foreign Affairs, coming on October 13. Stone is informed at the last minute about a mandatory meeting in Europe. When he rushes off, his trip seems to be cursed because it is plagued by suspicious accidents. When Stone investigates to see what the source of these 'accidents' are, the adventure begins. Who will scare who off?

Many different types of novels here. Hope you find one to love.

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