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Friday, August 28, 2015

Finishing Up September Books

August is coming to a close and next week, I move on to October titles so I need to finish up with what I think are the interesting ones coming out in September.

M. C. Beaton has the 26th Agatha Raisin cozy coming out on September 15th, Dishing the Dirt. A new therapist comes to town and starts by romancing Agatha's ex husband and dropping hints about Agatha coming from the slums. Unfortunately, Agatha gets mad enough to proclaim "I'm going to kill you!" a day or two before someone kills the therapist. Guess who the main suspect is.

Elsa Hart has Jade Dragon Mountain arriving on September 1. I always enjoy a story that transports you to the time and place where it takes place. This is one of those. It takes place in China during the 1700's. The main character is Li Du - an imperial librarian who was exiled. When a Jesuit astronomer is murdered - Li Du is drawn into the investigation. Hart, a debut novelist, wrote this novel while living in Japan.

A Girl Without A Name by Sandra Block comes out on September 8. Psychiatrist Zoe Goldman is back after her outing in Little Black Lies. A young African American girl (around 12 or 13) appears on the streets in a catatonic state. She arrives at the institution when Zoe is put on the case. The girl does not remember her name and Zoe becomes obsessed with finding out who she is. The young girl is in greater danger than Zoe can imagine and she puts herself in danger trying to find out what happened.

Stephen Dobyns is an award winning poet who sometimes dips into the mystery/thriller genre. On September 1, he has Is Fat Bob Dead Yet arriving. This work has been called a mix of Richard Russo and Tim Dorsey. As you can probably tell from the title, there is a lot of comedy in this one. A hopeless loser, Connor Raposo, witnesses a motorcycle accident and is somehow drawn into a mob like comedy. If you need a laugh, try this one.

Next, Chris Holm, an award winning short story author, has The Killing Kind coming on September 15. Michael Hendrick was thought dead after the secretive military unit he was with had a mission end up bad. However, he actually left everything from his past life behind and became a hit man - a very well paid hit man. He only took cases where he killed other hit men which was a sure way to have people after him.

David Lagercrantz was asked to continue Stieg Larsson's sequel to the series featuring Lisbeth Salander and journalist Mikael Blomkvist by Larsson's estate. The result is The Girl in the Spider's Web which arrives on September 1. Blomkvist receives a phone call from a source who says he has info vital to the US.Blomkvist turns to Salander. Not too much has been released about the plot.

Do you like fast paced, plot driven adventure novels? Do you like the Bond novels? Give Ted Bell a chance. His 9th Alex Hawke novel is arriving on September 15. Patriot has Hawke taking on Russian President Vladimir Putin when Putin gets a hold of a powerful new weapon. Hawke, an MI6 officer, is out to stop him.

Iris Johansen has the 19th Eve Duncan novel coming on September 29th. Shadow Play has Duncan reconstructing the skull of a 9 year old girl who had been buried for 8 years. When the ghost of the girl speaks to her, Duncan becomes determined to find the killer and bring the girl peace. Unfortunately, the killer knows she is after him.

OK, certainly there must be something among these that strikes you as interesting. Decide what you want to read now and be the first to get it. We will move on to October next week.

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