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Friday, August 7, 2015

September's Big Names

Another month has gone so we move on to titles coming out in September. There are some authors that have big names that might not be 'popular' genre authors.  I am going to start with one of those this time.

Margaret Atwood is an award winning Canadian author. Most of her titles do extremely well. Her The Handmaid's Tale has become a modern classic. She has The Heart Goes Last coming out on September 29th. This is a reworking of  her online Positron stories. Amazingly, some reviews have hated it but I think it is a must read for those who have loved her prior works. A young couple, Charmaine and Stan, are living out of their car when they find out about Consilience. Consilience is a social experiment where people live in a comfortable home of their own in the suburbs for one month and switch every other month with living in a jail cell. They begin to obsess about who is living in their home while they are gone. Interesting premise.

Anthony Horowitz, perhaps not the best known author, has been selected by the Ian Fleming Estate to write a new James Bond title with notes found from Fleming. Trigger Mortis comes out on September 8. James Bond returns to London after his Goldfinger incident with no other than Pussy Galore. He then becomes involved in a Soviet plot that is being helped along by a Korean millionaire. Sounds quite James Bondy to me.

Reed Farrel Coleman has Robert B. Parker's The Devil Wins coming out on September 8 also. Coleman continues the Jesse Stone series. After a storm in Paradise, MA, three bodies are discovered - a recently murdered man and the skeleton's of two girls who disappeared years ago. When one of the dead girls' mother comes to bury her daughter, she too is murdered. Jesse Stone is on the trail.

Jan Karon's Mitford series has always been very popular. She has Come Rain or Come Shine arriving on September 22. Father Timothy's adopted son, Dooley, has graduated from vet school and is opening a practice in town. He is also getting married. Sure to be popular with Mitford fans.

Danielle Steel has yet another title coming out. Undercover is arriving on September 1.  While still firmly in the romance genre, she is moving slightly to suspense with this one. DEA Special Agent Marshall Everett's arm is basically useless since being shot in the shoulder. No more undercover work for him and he doesn't know what to do with himself. Enter Ariana Gregory, an ambassador's daughter who had been kidnapped and brainwashed. There are still people after her. Can Marshall save her and himself?

Lee Child has his next Reacher title, Make Me, coming out on September 8. Traveling no where, Reacher stops in the town of Mother's Rest. He only wonders how it got it's name but ends up involved in a life and death struggle. No unusual for Reacher. After a short stop, he meets Michelle Chang who is looking for a missing private investigator. When he teams up with her, he finds himself racing around the country and dealing with thugs and assassins.

Lastly, Catherine Coulter and JT Ellison have teamed up for another Brit in the FBI title, The End Game, which comes out on September 15. Nicolas Drummond teams up with Mike Caine to investigate a violent environmental group that has targeted energy companies. They join in with a counter terrorism expert, Vanessa Grace, who had just infiltrated the organization. Coulter fun as usual.

There are more, but I will finish next week. Enjoy thinking about which of these you want to read while you are waiting.

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