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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Last of the August Titles

Sorry, life has a way of getting in the way of all plans. I had to have some oral surgery and was not able to post last week. I therefore need to put a bunch of titles in this week post so I won't do too much description. Things will get better - at least that is what I am telling myself.

Ian Rankin has The Beat Goes On: The Complete Rebus Stories coming on August 11. This is a collection of ALL of the John Rebus short stories - 2 of them having never been published. If you like the Rebus series, this will be a must read.

Sophie Hannah has Woman with a Secret coming out on August 4. Nicki Clements has secrets to hide. None the less, she was waiting patiently in a line of cars being searched by police - that is she was until she saw the policeman in charged of the searching. Then she did a hasty u-turn to escape. Her reckless maneuver was noticed and the police come to question her about a murder. She might not be guilty of murder but she is not innocent either.

Michael Koryta has Last Words coming on August 18th. Mark Novak was still mourning his wife who had died 2 years previously when his company sends him to the caves of southern Indiana to investigate the possible killing of a young girl whose body was found in the caves. When Mark arrives, he finds distrust and hostility. What is going on?

Jennifer McMahon has Night Sister coming out on August 4. An empty frightening motel and 3 young girls spent a summer playing in it's rooms. A secret that they uncover, breaks them apart and they end up in 3 separate places. Now adults, Piper receives a call from Margot about Amy, the third one, being accused of a horrible crime. Almost sounds like horror, doesn't it?

Margaret Maron has the 20th Deborah Knott title coming out on August 11th - Long Upon the Land.
Deborah's father finds the body of a man on a far corner of his farm. Her husband, Sheriff's Deputy Dwight Bryant, discovers that her family (father and brothers) had a long standing feud with the dead man. The local paper implies that Dwight is trying to protect Deborah's family. Unfortunately, Deborah can only think about protecting them herself.

Bill Syken has a debut mystery coming out on August 18, Hangman's Game. Syken was a staff reporter and editor for Sports Illustrated. It should come as no surprise that his first novel has Nick Gallow, a star quarterback until a shoulder injury made him into a punter, as his main character. When a top ranked draft pick is murdered, Nick stay out of it but when there is a second attack - he has to investigate. Said to be more than a football story but a well written mystery also.

Fausto Brizzi has the US version of his best selling Italian novel, 100 Days of Happiness, coming on August 11. Lucio Battistini has been a womanizing, selfish character all his life until he gets the news that he has inoperable cancer and 100 days left to live. He decides to become the person he should have been all along and really live for each moment. Told in 100 short chapters about each day, it is wistful and funny and makes you realize the preciousness of life.

Hope there is something here for you.

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