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Saturday, July 18, 2015

More August Titles

I am currently looking at titles coming out in October so I need some reviewing on these August titles. There are some popular authors that write in - kind of different genres, that have titles coming out in August.

Kelley Armstrong who writes the popular Cainsville series has the third one, Deceptions, coming out on August 20th. Olivia Taylor has learned that both of her biological parents were serial killers and retreated to the town of Cainesville. In prior books in the series, she begins to suspect that her parents were innocent and partially clears them. She develops a relationship with a lawyer in town and has realized that she has a sixth sense that allows her to anticipate danger. In this title, she is trying to understand an ancient manuscript that might explain her relationship to different me. She is also being haunted by omens. She must decide who she can really trust and who is really on her side. Kind of a mixture of urban fantasy and mystery.

Paula Brackston who wrote the popular The Silver Witch, now turns her sights on a young Merlin in Lamp Black, Wolf Grey which arrives on August 4th. Artist Laura Matthews and her husband leave London behind for the Welsh countryside. They hope that this new beginning may help them to start the family they have been dreaming of. Laura finds the wilds of her new home enchanting. The veil between the past and present seems to be very thin and Laura begins to see or imagines she sees Merlin as a young man, with his companion, a grey wolf. This is a love story between Merlin and Megan and the Lord that Megan works for who wants to control both of them.

W. Bruce Cameron, the emotional author of extraordinary dogs, has The Dog Master coming out on August 4th.This is the story of the first dog. He travels back to the prehistoric age where a she-wolf learns that humans will share food. If you liked A Dog's Purpose and A Dog's Journey you will need to read this one for sure.

Robin Hobb, my favorite fantasy author (I don't read a lot of fantasy anymore), has Fool's Quest coming of August 11th. This is the 2nd in the Fitz and The Fool series although it is really a continuation of The Assassin series I think. Fitz has narrowly managed to avoid killing his old friend, the Fool, but his daughter has been kidnapped in the first book in this series. Fitz, as the former King's Assassin, goes after her.  Hmmmmm. I can hardly wait.

I am going to finish up with a title that I tried to read in advanced reader's copy form, wanted to very badly read it, but couldn't. So beware. Paul Cleave has Trust No One coming out on August 4th. I have already told you that sometimes I get too emotionally involved with the characters. This is one of those. Jerry Grey has written 12 very popular bloody crime novels. Unfortunately at 49 he develops early onset Alzheimer's. The opening scene finds him at a police station confessing to the person he thinks is a female detective to a bloody crime. Eventually, you learn that the female is his daughter and he is confessing to the plot of his first novel. He was happily married and had a great daughter but somehow, now - he finds himself living in a home, his wife is divorcing him and his daughter calls him by his first name. There are hints that he may actually be going out and committing murders during his escapes from the home when he takes on the persona of one of his creations. He was so confused. I was so depressed for him but I really wanted to know if he was guilty of murder or not. Someone is going to have to tell me because I couldn't finish it. Send me a reply if you do.

Hope there is something here for you to read.

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