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Friday, June 26, 2015

Other Titles of Interest in July

I am back from a weeks vacation so my mind is not really here yet. I must have left it in Florida. I have this one post in which to cover any other books that I find interesting that are being published in July. Not too bad since there are only 5 of them I really want to talk about.

Beth Harbison tackles and interesting premise in If I Could Turn Back Time which arrives on July 28. If you could go back and change some decisions you made in the past, would you?  37 year old, successful Ramie Phillips made her fortune. She isn't happy - she isn't unhappy. While on a boat with friends in Florida, she drunkenly dives off the boat. She wakes up hearing her mother yell "Wake up! You'll be late for school!". Ramie has gone back to 18. What should she do differently? SHOULD she do anything differently? What does she really want?

Holly Brown, the author of Don't Try to Find Me, has another suspense novel coming out on July 7. A Necessary End is about the ends that Adrienne will go to in order to get a baby. Her husband is not gung ho about the idea but Adrienne agrees to let Leah, a pregnant 19 year old, live with them for one year after the baby is born. Suddenly, her husband is on board with the idea. Can things work out well? What do you think?

David Mark has the 4th in his DS Aector McAvoy series coming on July 7th, Taking Pity. McAvoy's life was ripped apart 3 month ago when his family home was destroyed along with his wife. He is living with his young son trying to recover and reenter police work in a slow manner. The case he chooses involves possible wrong doing by the police but was supposed to have been solved years ago. Never able to do things half heartedly, his investigation implicates some of the biggest criminals in England. Can he keep his son and himself safe? If you like Joseph Wambaugh or Ed McBain, try David Marks.

Also on July 7, Robert Karjel, a Lieutenant Colonel in the Swedish Air Force by day, has The Swede coming out. His novel focuses on Ernst Grip of the Swedish security police. Grip is sent to a remote military base in the Indian Ocean when the CIA is holding a suspect in a terrorist attack in the US. The CIA wants to know if the suspect is Swedish. Grip tries to uncover the man's real identity and uncovers a lot more than that. This is the first in a 2 book deal and this book has been very popular in Sweden.

Pretty Is is the first novel by Maggie Mitchell. The summer when Lois and Carly May were 12, they were abducted and driven to a cabin in the woods. They were held there for 2 months . 20 years later, Lois is a professor and Carly May is an actress. They have not seen each other since they were released. A movie with a familiar plot draws them together as adults and they must face their past. Reviewers say this will hook you from the beginning.

OK - there are the 5 titles I wanted to put out there. Hope one of them catches your interest. Happy reading!

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