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Friday, August 29, 2014

Last of September Titles Before September Arrives

There are a handful of titles that might interest some of you that I want to tell you about before September actually gets here.

Lauren Beukes has another genre blending fantasy-thriller title, Broken Monsters. coming on September 16th. Beukes who gave us The Shining Girls about a time travelling serial killer, now visits a Detroit detective who discovers the body of a half-boy/half deer or rather, half a boy sewn to half a deer. It is violent and dark but some say it is a timely portrait of the death of the American dream.

Jens Lapidus has Life Deluxe coming also on September 16th. This is the last of his Stockholm Noir trilogy. Lapidus is a Swedish defense lawyer so he knows his Swedish crime. This is also a fairly dark and violent book. Someone is trying to knock down the top dog of the Swedish underworld. You can only imagine what happens after that.

Andrew Mayne, a magician and star of an A & E show, has Angel Killer coming on September 23rd. This title was a best seller as a self published ebook. Someone hacks into the FBI's website to post a code disclosing the coordinates of a cemetery where a dead girl's body is seen rising from the grave. Jessica Blackwood was a talented illusionist before leaving that career behind to become an FBI agent. Magic and murder. Sounds interesting.

Another self-published ebook author who has transitioned to a publishing house, Darcie Chan has The Mill River Redemption coming on August 26th - yes - it has already been published but is still on order in our catalog so I'm including it. Her first in the Mill River series,  The Mill River Rescue, was the self published ebook that got her noticed. A mother stipulates in her will that her two estranged daughters must work together to find the key that will open her lock box. Recommended for fans of Maeve Binchy.

Alix Christie is a first time novelist and Gutenberg's Apprentice arrives on September 23rd. For those who enjoy historical fiction, this novel is about Peter Schoeffer who was an apprentice to Johann Gutenberg and the founder of the Frankfurt Book Fair.  Really for those who want to read about this time period and the invention of the printing press. The author stays true to fact and perhaps isn't as much into character development.

Lastly, Lin Enger, a James Michener Award winner, has The High Divide also coming on September 23rd. Another work of historical fiction but this one has much more emotional content and character development.  Gretta Pope awakes one morning in 1886 Minnesota to find her husband, Ulysses, gone with just a brief note saying nothing about the why and the where. Shortly after that, her two boys disappear, leaving to go in search of their father. Gretta has to find her sons and the reason for the leaving. This tale stretches from Minnesota, across the Dakotas and Montana plains. This work is not just a western but the story of a family. It has been highly recommended by all the reviewers who have read it. If you are missing the works of James Michener, try this one. It is suppose to be GOOD.

Next week, we will move to the October releases. I hope you find something you want to read during September.

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