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Saturday, August 23, 2014

More September Titles

There are some interesting titles coming out in September by some lesser known authors.

David Cronenberg is a Canadian move director who specializes in 'body horror' or psychological horror. He has directed two of Robert Pattinson's  latest films. On September 30th he has a debut novel arriving, Consumed. I am always kind of fascinated by these successful people in one field who late in life, decide to become authors. This one sounds kind of like a horror film and I don't suggest reading it if extreme, off color incidents bother you. Two competing photojournalists, Naomi and Nathan, are in some sort of relationship. At least, they meet in hotel rooms when they are in the same city. Both go their separate ways, Nathan to do a story on breast surgery in Budapest and Naomi to focus on a French philosophy professor who has apparently killed and eaten his wife. Strangely enough, their stories are closely intertwined. That should give you a flavor of what you are getting into if you decide you want to read this one.

On September 9th, James Ellroy has Perfidia coming out. This is his first book in a second "L.A. Quartet" for those who read 'The Black Dahlia; The Big Nowhere; L.A. Confidential; and White Jazz). This one actually starts before the first, on December 6, 1941 and the bombing of Pearl Harbor and internment of Japanese Americans. It blends together war, romance and mystery. The story revolves around the brutal murder of a Japanese family on the day BEFORE the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor. He explores the theses of fidelity and betrayal on many levels. If you liked the 1st Quartet - this one will be a must read.

Tedd Moss was the deputy assistant secretary of state in the Bureau of African Affairs when he was attempting to write his first novel, The Golden Hour. The title, which comes out on September 4th, concerns the 100 hours after a coup takes place when diplomacy or military action MIGHT make a difference. It features Judd Ryker, appointed director of the newly formed State Department Crisis Reaction Unit when a coup erupts in Mali.  Ryker races from location to location, not know who to trust or what is REALLY going on. Suspenseful and a quick read according to reviewers.

On September 2nd, Faye Kellerman's next Peter Decker novel, Murder 101, finally arrives. Peter Decker has left L.A. for the upstate New York's Greenbury Police Department. Wanting a slower way of life, he was becoming bored until some Tiffany panels at the town mausoleum were replaced by forgeries AND a college co-ed was found dead.

Lastly for this week, Jussi Adler-Olsen has the next Department Q story, The Marco Effect coming on September 9th. Adler-Olsen is one of those Danish crime writers that have become so popular in this country. In this title, Detective Carl Morck and his colleagues get caught up in a missing persons case that touches on Marco Jameson, a 15 year old teen rebelling against his powerful Gypsy uncle.

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