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Saturday, September 6, 2014

October Blockbusters

October is a very popular publishing month and in addition, it is the month where Christmas titles start to arrive. There are reams of books being published and some of them are by the A-list authors that people love. This week, I will cover as many of those as I can.

Debbie Macomber has her latest Christmas novel, Mr. Miracle, coming on Oct 7th. Angel-in-training Harry Mills poses as a teacher to help a community college student find her way. This one will be made into a Hallmark movie next fall.

Danielle Steel's latest, Pegasus, arrives on Oct 28th. Definitely not a Christmas story, this follows the fortunes of two German families during World War II. Close friends and widowers discover they must go their separate ways when one discovers his mother was Jewish. He escapes with his family to the United States and brings with him as a gift from the remaining friend, Lipizzaner stallions. A story of friendship, sacrifice and rebirth.

Clive and Dirk Cussler give us the 23rd Dirk Pitt novel, Havana Storm, on Oct 28th. Pitt is investigating a toxic outbreak in the Caribbean while his children chase an Aztec stone that supposedly was lost with the sinking of the Maine. All end up in Cuba and in trouble with a post-Castro power struggle. The usual action and adventure from Cussler.

Dick Francis's Damage has Felix Francis following in his father's footsteps. This title arrives on Oct 7th. There has been some illegal doping of horses and the Racing Authority asks Jeff Hinkley to investigate. Felix worked with his father and has been continuing the horse racing mysteries since Dick Francis's death in 2010.

Deadline is John Sandford's 8th Virgil Flowers title. It arrives on October 7th. Flowers is investigating a local dognapping ring where the dogs are sold to medical labs. He is called in to investigate the killing of a local reporter. Strangely enough, in private session, the school board authorized the killing of the reporter by a vote of 4 to 1.

Also continuing a series from a deceased author, Tilly Bagshawe has Sidney Sheldon's Chasing Tomorrow arriving on Oct. 7th. This title continues the saga of Tracy Whitney, the thief that won people's hearts - stealing form the rich and greedy. She has one last plan in mind before retiring with partner Jeff for marriage and a child. Unfortunately, the past has a way of catching up.

The 31st Stone Barrington novel, Paris Match, arrives on Oct 7th also. Stone finds himself in Paris taking care of some local business when an old nemesis finds him. Then, the rumor mill back in the States threaten not only Stone, but the country. Stone is attacked on all sides but I bet he finds his way out.

John Grisham has his next blockbuster coming out on Oct 21st, Gray Mountain. A law associate, Samantha Kofer, is laid off and ends up at a legal aid clinic in Appalachia. Her new job takes her into the murky world of coal mining. Grisham attacks real world issues of the environment and the economy in this one.

We will stop there this week. There lots more by the next tier authors that I am excited about but that will come later. Enjoy thinking about these.

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