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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Titles Coming Out on November 5, 2013

There are several fiction titles that are coming out on one day, November 5th. It made sense to me to group these together for you although they don't have much in common other than the date. Not sure if it makes sense to anyone other than me, but here they are.

Sebastian Faulks received permission from the estate of P.G. Wodehouse and is coming out with Jeeves and the Wedding Bells. Obviously, this series is one of Faulks' favorites. Wodehouse documented the lives of Bernie Wooster and his trusty butler, Jeeves for 40 years before his death. He was thought to be one of the greatest British comic authors. Faulk takes up his mantle with this tale of Wooster running away from heartbreak to assist a friend whose romance has hit a difficult patch. Anything that could go wrong, does and the complications keep piling up. Definitely for those who like to laugh.

Fannie Flagg uncovers a mother's secret past when her daughter, having married off her own children, starts to investigate the past. This comic mystery takes us all over the country and back in time to World War II. The All-Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion is a delightful trip with Flagg's usual humor. Rumor has it she will be coming to Birmingham and Mobile when the book is published.

If you liked The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield, her new one after 7 years will be published. Bellman and Black is a dark gothic mystery as was her first work. William as a young boy, kills a bird while playing with friends. The act is quickly forgotten but when we meet him as a successful family man later in life, we find things about to change.

I was lucky enough to hear Amy Tan earlier this year talk about her inspiration for her new book The Valley of Amazement. While researching a book, she came across a picture of a Chinese courtesan dressed exactly like Tan's grandmother in an old family picture. Tan started wondering if her grandmother might have been a courtesan and so started the plot behind this title. The storyline follows the life of Lucia, a young woman from San Francisco who followed a Chinese painter to his homeland and her daughter Violet. Lucia ran the most prestigious courtesan house in Shanghai but when revolution descends, the mother and daughter are separated. Lucia returns to the states thinking that Violet has died. Violet is forced to live as a courtesan in a country where no one think she belongs. A wonderful family story full of sense of place and time.

Clive Cussler gives us #9 in his Oregon Files series, Mirage. Rumors have linked the disappearance of a naval ship in 1943 to experiments dealing with Nikola Tesla's work. Captain Juan Cabrillo and the crew of the Oregon race to find the truth before the supposed results can be used against the US.

Lastly, Ruth Rendell publishes her newest Chief Inspector Wexford mystery - however, Chief Inspector Wexford is now retired so perhaps we should call it something else. No Man's Nightingale follows Wexford when he is called in to help his replacement after the body of a female vicar is found hanged. Sarah Hussein is of mixed race and a single mother so not particularly popular with the community. Rendell's usual police procedural except of course, Wexford isn't the police anymore so.....see what you think.

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