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Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Big Names in October

October is a pretty popular month for publishing and there are quite a few 'big' names coming out with titles. So many in fact, that I may not be able to do this in one post. Some might have to wait till next week. I will do my best though.

First big name is John Grisham. Sycamore Row arrives on October 22nd. This is the continuing story from one of his first books, A Time to Kill. Jack Brigance is back trying to defend justice in a small Mississippi town. Often Grisham's name is enough to make this popular but going back to continue a story from one of his most popular titles might push this over the edge. There are already 18 requests on this title so if you haven't put your name on there yet, do it ASAP.

Ann Rice is coming out with the second of her Wolf Gift Chronicles. This series about werewolves isn't as popular as the vampire series but those who love her, love it. The Wolves of Midwinter comes out on October 15th. She continues the story of Reuben Golding, the Man Wolf, and the celebration of Midwinter or as we know it Christmas. Hmmmm - werewolves and Christmas don't go together in my mind but I guess they must in hers.

Sara Paretsky gives us another V.I. Warshawski novel which comes out on October 22nd. Critical Mass has Warshawski helping a Viennese born friend and end up investigating secrets dating back to the development of the atomic bomb. Another well plotted Paretsky thriller.

Robert B. Parker left behind an uncompleted manuscript when he died. His friend and agent, Helen Brann, completed the work. Silent Night: A Spenser Holiday Novel comes out also on October 22nd. A young homeless boy named Slide asks Spencer to get involved when a shelter where Slide is staying is threaten with closure. Spencer finds that it isn't just a lack of money but the involvement of a drug lord that is the real threat.

Another extremely popular author, John Sandford, joins the October rush. Storm Front arrives on October 8th. Rather that the Prey series, this is from his Virgil Flowers series. An Israeli policewoman arrives on Flowers doorstep. She is chasing someone who escape with a valuable relic - a copper scroll that reveals unknown information about King Solomon. Not a Dan Brown read alike but better.

OK - one more to get ready for this week, Lisa Scottoline comes out with Accused: A Rosato and Associates Novel on October 29th. This teams the all female law firm with Allegra Gardner, a 13 year old genius and the sister of a murder victim. Allegra believes that the person found guilty of the crime is innocent and the Rosato Firm take her on as a client even though her parents do not want the case reopened. Really suspenseful and well written.

OK, enough for this week. Get your names on the reserve lists if any strike your fancy.

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