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Saturday, August 24, 2013

More Thrillers in October

October is a big month for publishing. The fall season in general is one of the busier seasons. There are some more thrillers coming out by lesser known authors and one book that is getting particular attention.

The idea for S. was conceived by J.J. Abrams - the producer/director of Lost and Alias and the director of the next Star Wars movie. He commissioned Doug Dorst, who has been nominated for the PEN/Hemingway Award AND the Shirley Jackson Award, to write the book. It is adventure, suspense and mystery all in one. It deals with a book of mysterious provenance with another story in the handwritten notes in it's margins. It sounds fascinating and comes to the shelf on October 29th.

The Ian Fleming Publications Ltd has asked William Boyd to follow Jeffery Deaver in writing the next James Bond title. Boyd has twice won the Costa/Whitbread Award which last year was won by Hilary Mantel so you know this one is going to be well written. Solo arrives on the shelf on October 8th. This will be your usual James Bond plot and we know the character so well, it will be interesting to see what Boyd adds to the series.

Those who read Robert Olen Butler's The Hot Country will be happy to see the return of the series hero, Christopher Marlowe Cobb, an American war correspondant and spy. The Star of Istanbul arrives on the shelf on October 7th. This time Cobb has been sent to follow a possible SS agent named Brauer onto the ship Lusitania. Also on the voyage is actress Selene Bourgani who seems to be working with Brauer. Following the U-Boat attack Cobb follows the duo into the streats of London and onto Istanbul. Historical thriller at it's best.

Jefferson Bass, who writes the Body Farm series, is actually two people - Jon Jefferson, the writer, and Dr. Bill Bass, a renowned forensic anthropologist. They have written 7 novels in the series that features the head of The Body Farm where human remains lie exposed to be studied for their secrets. OK - I admit this one comes out in September but by the time you get it - it will almost be October. Cut to the Bone is the long awaited prequel to the series and it hits the shelf on September 24th. Bass turns back the clock to the creation of the Body Farm and investigation into a serial killer that seems to be tormenting him.

Michael Sears gave us the character of Jason Stafford, a disgraced financier. He became a financial investigator when he got out of prison and reclaimed his severly autistic son in Black Fridays, an Edgar award nominee for best first novel last year. On October 1st, he gives us the second title in the series, Mortal Bonds. Jason is hired by the family of a deceased investor who was involved in running a Ponzi scheme. While he was sitting in prison, he committed suicide. His family would like to be able to find some of the missing money to improve the family name. Unfortunately, Jason isn't the only one looking and bad things start happening to people he talks to and then to him. While this is going on, his unstable ex-wife comes to town to 'supposedly' visit their son but he knows that there is something up her sleeve. Definitely worth reading this series if you haven't started it yet.

Lastly is a creepy mystery by Dan Simmons comes to the shelf on October 22nd, The Abominable. In 1926 a grieving mother funds three friends attempt to summit Mt. Everest. She wants them to bring her son, who fell to his death two years before, home alive. As they start their attempt, they run into other's seeking the boy's body. What is the reason? Could he have been carrying something valuable? A story that has been described as bone-chilling and pulse-pounding. Sounds like it will be a good read.

Next week, we will start on the November titles but I might throw one or two in from October. We will see.

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