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Saturday, October 1, 2016

November's Top Titles

It is October already and time to move on to November titles. November is not usually a big month but there are some big name authors who have titles coming out.

David Baldacci has No Man's Land coming out on November 15. This is the fourth in the John Puller series. Here Puller has to revisit his mother's disappearance 30 years ago because someone told authorities that his father (now suffering from dementia in a VA hospital) killed her. Puller has been threatened with court martial if he interferes but how can he not? Reviewers have said you do not have to read the first three to understand this one. Said to be really quick moving and suspenseful.

Lee Child has Night School coming out on November 7. This is the twenty first in the Jack Reacher series. This one goes back to the late 1990's when Reacher was still in the Army. After receiving a medal, he is sent to a school  in McLean, VA. With him are members of the FBI and CIA. He discovers that they are given the mission of finding a Jihadist sleeper cell in Hamburg, Germany. Reacher takes off for Hamburg with his sidekick, Sergeant Frances Neagely. They discover that an American is offering something for sale to this cell for one million dollars. Now, they have to find all the members of the cell and the American. Fast moving suspense typical of Child.

Michael Connelly has The Wrong Side of Goodbye coming out on November 1. This one is the twenty first in the Harry Bosch series. After being forced to retire from LAPD, Harry is taking free lance PI cases and volunteering for a small police department in San Fernando. One wealthy dying billionaire contacts him to find out if he has an heir. Many years ago, a Mexican girl he was seeing became pregnant but she disappeared before having the child. Does a child exist? And in San Fernando, Harry is tracking a serial rapist. Can he handle both cases? What do you think?

Patricia Cornwell has Chaos coming on November 15. This is the twenty fourth of the Scarpetta series. A 26 year old female seems to have been killed by lightening while riding her bike along the Charles River.  Strangely, there wasn't a cloud in the sky at that time. Soon after, Scarpetta starts receiving threatening threatening poems from 'Tailend Charlie'. No one can figure out where they are coming from and the press has whipped public opinion up about  Scarpetta's lightening hypothesis calling her a quack. Not much out about this one yet other than the plot.

Janet Evanovich has Turbo Twenty-Three arriving on November 15. Obviously, this is number twenty three in the Stephanie Plum series. Can Stephanie at long last choose between Ranger and Joe? It is doubtful in this one. Stephanie is after a bail jumper who specializes in high jacking 18 wheelers. The latest one was carrying ice cream and a dead body. Ranger asks her to go undercover. Obviously, Joe will not like that.

Lastly, we have James Patterson and Cross the Line coming out on November 3. This is the twenty fourth in the Alex Cross series. When a prominent police official is murdered, Cross is pressured to take the lead in the case. Before he can find a lead, a murder spree across the city starts taking place. The only similarity? All those killed are criminals. There is a murderer out there who thinks he has right on his side. Can Alex find him?

So there are the top names this month. I'll be next next week with some more. Enjoy!

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