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Saturday, October 8, 2016

More Thrillers for November

There are several more thrillers coming out in November and they look like they should be pretty good. I will see how many I can get through this time.

First, Christopher Brookmyre has Black Widow coming out on November 1. This is the seventh in the Jack Parlabane series. So Brookmyre writes hard boiled detective fiction with dark (very dark) humor. I have filled in some of his back titles for this series also mainly because many of the titles are funny like "Attach of the Unsinkable Rubber Ducks". Parlabane is a Scottish  investigative journalist and here, he is asked to investigate a surgeon and activist who was brutally persecuted online before a whirlwind romance and marriage. Then her new husband is killed and she is the suspect. Give Brookmyre a try.

Next we have Andrea Camilleri and I would compare her to Donna Leon. She has her twentieth Commissario Montalbano series, A Voice in the Night, coming out on November 15. These works are perhaps grittier and have a sardonic feel to them unlike Leon but there is a great sense of place (which is Sicily) and complex plotting. Here a manager of a supermarket is found hanging in his office after a robbery and the hanging does not look voluntary. Then, a girl is found murdered in the apartment of an important politician's son. Montalbano's services are required to bring these two cases to a conclusion.

Another import comes from Kjell Eriksson, the Swedish novelist. Stone Coffin comes out on  November 22. This is the seventh Ann Lindell mystery and it has been shortlisted for Best Swedish Crime Novel. A young woman and her daughter are struck by an unidentified car and killed. The woman's husband has disappeared. Ann has a mystery to investigate. She discovers that the husband has recently purchased some property in the Dominican Republic and then, a gruesome discovery is made on the property.

OK - for British Victorian mystery fans! Charles Finch has his tenth Charles Lennox mystery coming out on November 1. The Inheritance features, of course, Lennox, the gentleman sleuth who is working as Parliament's house detective when he receives a letter from a friend. When he tries to find him, Gerald Leigh had disappeared. Apparently, years ago, someone had anonymously paid for Leigh's education and Leigh and Lennox had failed to discover who. Now, Leigh was left a large bequest and someone was trying to kill him. Can they find out who was giving him money and why someone wants him dead?

Lastly, Douglas Schofield has Storm Rising coming out on November 29. Schofield is an interesting author. He is a Canadian attorney who has worked in Canada and the Cayman Island where he now lives. His first novel was about a female Florida state prosecutor. This second novel also has a strong female lead. Here, Lucy Hendricks moved to Florida to raise her son after her husband, Jack, a Bayonne, NJ cop, was murdered. Five years later, she is ready to move back and try to show her son who his father really was. Rumors had been flying that Jack was involved with the Mafia. As hurricane Sandy to bearing down on New Jersey, Lucy is investigating what really happened to her husband.

That gives you five to ponder till next week. Hope there is one that interests you. Have a great week.

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