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Saturday, March 12, 2016

April's Big Names

Sorry I missed last week. I was sick. We are coming up on my vacation also so I am going to do a blog today and try to do another before I leave next week. I know what I want to talk about, it is only a matter of finding the time to do it. OK - here we go with the big names in April.

We will start with David Baldacci who has The Last Mile coming on April 19. This is the second in the Amos Decker series starting with Memory Man. Melvin Mars is preparing for execution. He was accused of killing his parents 20 years ago. Right before he is to die, someone else confesses to the crime. Amos Decker is on a special FBI task force that investigates. His own back story is very similar to Mars. Who actually killed Mars' parents and why were they killed? Someone wants that to remain hidden. A real page turner according to reviewers.

Next comes Steve Berry who has become increasingly popular with each title. April 5 will bring us his eleventh Cotton Malone title, The 14th Colony. According to reviewers, he is back on the mark. Anyone who was disappointed in his last one, should definitely try this one. Malone is sent after a former KGB agent and a former KGB archivist. The two are involved in a plot to disrupt the inauguration. This plot involved Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul and the Society of Cincinnati. Berry at his best.

Iris Johansen brings us the twentieth Eve Duncan title with Hide Away on April 26. Johansen again does her thing with this tale. Eve and Joe are trying to protect an eleven year old girl - 2 women have already died trying to do it. Eve takes her to Scotland but I think we all know - that won't be far enough. As usual, reviewers love it.

Lucas Davenport is back as John Sandford continues with the twenty sixth in the series. Extreme Prey is also being published on April 26. Davenport is no longer employed by the Minnesota BCA but his friend the governor asks him to join his campaign staff as he runs for president. Unfortunately, the governor has some enemies. One is intent on killing him and anyone who get in his way. Sandford;s last title was the genre bending Saturn Run. Here he is back on track and his readers are loving it.

Lisa Scottoline has Most Wanted coming out on April 12. This title has a very interesting premise. A couple who are having fertility issues (Christine and Marcus Nilsson) go to a sperm bank for an IVF procedure. Several months later, they see on the news that someone who looks like the person from their chosen donor picture has been arrested as a serial murderer. This becomes a marital issue between the pair and Christine goes into investigative mode. Is the person the donor and if he is, is he really guilty of all those murders? Christine has to know.

OK - five big names for you. I'll be back in a few more days with more. Happy reading.

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