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Friday, February 26, 2016

The Last Of March Titles

It is the end of the month already. February is a short month even if it is longer than usual. I will try to squeeze as many titles in as I can.

Cold Barrel Zero is Matthew Quirk's third novel and his first military thriller which comes out on March 8. Tom Byrne's is a doctor and a former marine corpsman who is caught in the middle. He is apprehended while on vacation and recruited to help the government find Thomas Hayes. Hayes is a special ops squad leader that Byrne's had fought along side is accused of terrorist acts. Hayes tells Byrne's that he is being blamed to cover up for a senior officer.What should Byrne's believe? Fast paced suspense and a hard to put down adventure. If you like Brad Meltzer or Christopher Reich, give Quirk a try.

Wilbur Smith has Predator: A Novel of Adventure coming out on March 22. This is the third in the Hector Cross or Crossbow series. Here, Cross, a former Special Air Service member and now head of a security firm, is battling an old enemy who murdered his wife and has now escaped prison and is determined to rule the world. This time, Cross isn't going to let him off easy. Very fast paced suspense.

Stephanie Evanovich, very popular since her first novel Big Girl Panties, has The Total Package coming out on March 15. This is sports romance with a little less humor that her other works. Tyson Palmer is a star quarterback who had lost it all with pills and booze. He was given a second chance and taking full advantage of it. Dani Carr had been Tyson's tutor in college - under a different name and with darker hair - and Tyson had broken her heart. When she becomes the contracted sport's reporter for Tyson's team - will he be able to win her back? He doesn't even recognize her and Dani is having trouble forgiving.

Lucinda Riley has the second of her Seven Sister series, The Storm Sister , coming on March 22. The premise of this series is that 6 sister gather at a chateau on the shores of Lake Geneva when they are informed of their father's sudden death. Each of the sisters receives a letter with a clue to their special origins. This title focuses on Ally Dipoles and her clue takes her to Norway and the story of a gifted singer. These stories are intricately plotted and historically based. I can't think of who to compare her too but maybe Susanna Kearsley.

Another one in the historical arena is Mrs. Houdini by Victoria Kelly coming out on March 8. This is a debut for Kelly and a very well researched one at that. This novel deals with the life of Bess and Harry Houdini. When Houdini dies, Bess is left reeling with grief. Harry had promised to send her a message from beyond the grave and she continually looks for that message. She reviews their life together from the first time they met until their deaths. Very well reviewed from an author who has had her poems and short stories published.

One of my favorite authors, Donna Leon has Waters of Eternal Youth coming out on March 8. This is Commissario Guido Brunetti's 25th case. All this series happens in Venice, Italy with an exquisite sense of place. In this title, a teenager is pulled out of a Venice canal by a drunk and becomes brain damaged. The drunk says she was pushed in but remembers no details. 15 years later Brunetti is asked to investigate by the girl's grandmother. What could he possibly find?

Now I am just going to mention two nonfiction titles which sound interesting.

Putin Country by Anne Garrels comes out on March 8. She describes the things that happened with the fall of communism and why so many Russians love Vladimir Putin.

Laura Ingalls Wilder's annotated autobiography was so popular last year, I can't see why William Anderson's The Selected Letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder which comes out March 8 shouldn't be just as big.

OK - hopefully I have given you something to tempt you. I can't believe we will be on to April's titles next week.

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