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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Last of the January Titles

I have left too many books for this last entry in 2015 for January titles. My remedy is to shorten my descriptions and give you as many titles as possible for your choice. It is going to be quite a month.

Tawni O'Dell has Angels Burning coming out on January 5. O'Dell writes charter driven, psychological suspense novels and this one is no different. The coal mining area of PA is a frequent place setting. In this story a teenage girl goes missing and the man imprisoned for killing Police Chief Dove Carnahan's mother is released. All lead Dove to face some dark issues in her past.

Benjamin Black has Even the Dead: A Quirke Novel coming out on January 12. When John Banville writes mysteries, he assumes the name of Benjamin Black and this is the seventh in his Quirke series. Quirke is a pathologist with severe problems of his own. In this one, Quirke is experience hallucinations and blackouts while investigating a suspicious death. Then his daughter asks for his help in finding a missing pregnant woman. Quickly, he is pulled into a dark mystery. Beautiful writing.

After the Crash by Michel Bussi has been on the best seller list in France for two years. On January 5, it moves to the US. The plot line is very interesting.In the days before DNA, a plane crashes into the Swiss Alps. There is only one survivor out of 169 people. - a 3 month old girl. There were 2 girls of the same age on the plane and no one knows which family has the surviving infant. 18 years later, the private detective on the case from the beginning, is completing his case files. His intention is to present them to the young girl herself before killing himself. Then, suddenly, he finds a revelation and then is killed before he can say anything. Hmmmm - sounds good.

If you like historical fiction, and I do, then Bernard Cornwell is an author you follow. Warriors of the Storm, the ninth in the Saxon Stories or The Last Kingdom series, comes out on January 19. The BBC is creating a television series from these titles. This title focuses on the fight for Northumbria as Uhtred tries to fight off the Vikings and the Irish who have bonded to take over that part of England.

Reed Farrel Coleman has Where It Hurts coming out on January 26. Coleman is a gritty, hard boiled mystery author kind of like Dennis Lehane or Robert Crais. Here he starts a new series about a retired Suffolk County cop who lost everything when his son died. He now is a courtesy van driver for a run down hotel where he lives. An ex-con he knows, asks him to find out who beat the con's son to death and the investigation begins.

Sarah Graves has The Girls She Left Behind coming out on January 12. This is the second of Graves' Lizzie Snow series - a much darker series than her previous Home Repair is Homicide series. This one is intricately plotted and very atmospheric - kind of like Chevy Stevens or perhaps a little like Laura Lippman. Anyway, Snow has left Boston to take a job as deputy sheriff in Bearkill Maine.
Her long missing niece may have been spotted in the area. when a teen aged girl goes missing and Henry Gemerle, a sociopath who locked three young girls in a basement for years escapes a mental hospital AND Jane Crimmins who was one of Gemerle's prisoners before escaping comes to town, things heat up in Maine.

Lastly, Thomas Perry has Forty Thieves coming on January 8. Perry writes dark and disturbing suspense stories kind of like Jeffrey Deaver or Don Winslow - maybe even Andrew Klavan. In this title a husband and wife detective team (Sid and Ronnie Abel) take on a husband and wife assassins for hire (Ed and Nicole Hoyt) when the police can find the killer of a middle aged research scientist and someone wants to make sure that the Abels can't find the answer.

OK - there you go for January. I think there is enough for me to keep reading next month. How about you?

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