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Friday, December 18, 2015

More January Titles

While preparing for the holidays, you can't help but be attracted by some of the holiday titles. However, here, we are talking about January titles to get us ready for next month. I will not post next week, however, I will try to post between Christmas and New Years on the lookout. OK - for some more January titles.....

If you read W.E.B. Griffin, he has The Hunting Trip under his real name, William E. Butterworth III, on December 29. That is almost January. This title is not in his usual category but contains quite a bit of humor and is kind of autobiographical although he says it is not an autobiography. It tells the story of Philip W. Williams III who becomes a special agent and best selling novelist and describes some raucous adventures across Europe and the US.

Carla Buckley has The Good Goodbye coming out on January 12. Buckley writes psychological suspense and this one really pulls the heart strings. Arden and Rory are cousins who are as close as sisters. Arden's mother and Rory's father own a restaurant together that recently has had financial problems because of a bad investment made by Rory's father. When they can't go to the schools of their dreams, they end up at a low tier state university. Then, a tragedy occurs. There is a fire in the dorm room and both girls are in the ICU and a boy is dead. The families were in turmoil before the incident and now the stress makes it much worse. The story investigates what was really happening behind the outward scene and secrets are revealed. Reviewers say it is compelling and emotional.

Carol Goodman also writes psychological suspense and if you have read Kimberly McCreight (Reconstructing Amelia) or Tana French (The Likeness) - give her a try. River Road comes out on January 19 and it is a compelling, character-driven work. Nan Lewis is a creative writing professor who hits a deer on the way home from a holiday party on the same stretch of road where her 4 year old daughter was killed by a hit and run driver.  The next morning, the body of her favorite student is found in the same spot. Police have her as a primary suspect. What happened that night?

Ann Morgan has Beside Myself coming out on January 12. I've been waiting for this one sounds very interesting. I would compare it to S.J. Watson's Before I Go To Sleep or Mary Kubica's The Good Girl. This story focuses on two twins, Helen - the stronger, favored twin and Ellie, slower, quieter. One day, Helen convinces Ellie to change their clothes and hair and teaches her how to use Helen's mannerisms. They think it will be fun to see how long it takes people to notice. Well, no one does notice and when Helen is ready to give up and change back, Ellie refuses. What was suppose to be a funny joke turned into a life long nightmare for the real Helen. Will she ever be able to be the person she was born to be? Is she really Helen? Just the kind of thing I have to read and find out.

A debut novelist is the last suggestion. Nicholas Petrie has The Drifter coming out on January 12. As a debut author, I can't really tell you to who I would compare him. I can tell you that he won an award for short fiction while an undergraduate at the University of Michigan. I can tell you that he has an MFA from the University of Washington. I can tell you that he won an award for a short story he wrote, This story is about a veteran with PTSD, Peter Ash. He has spent a year roaming the woods because he is severely claustrophobic when around people. Ash, however, comes to the aid of the family of a veteran friend who committed suicide. While she tries to fix up her house, he discovers a huge, ugly, vicious dog under the porch and a suitcase full of money and plastic explosives. As he investigates, danger moves closer. This appears to be the first in a series. All reviewers say it is hard to put down and the characterizations are really, really good.

Hope you find one of these that strikes your fancy. Enjoy!

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