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Thursday, November 12, 2015

More December Titles

Well I am back from my sister's son's wedding. It was in Charleston, SC and I have to say that Charleston is one of the most beautiful cities for weddings. Seems they cater to that group in hopes of drawing 'destination weddings'. It was impressive. And it didn't even rain until the next day so all was perfect for the occasion. Now that I have returned, I will get back to the offerings in December.

Susan Cox is a former South Florida journalist who also lived and worked in San Francisco for more than 20 years before returning to South Florida. She won the Minotaur Books/Mystery Writers of America First Crime Novel award and her debut mystery, The Man on the Washing Machine will be published on December 15. Theophania Bogart, a former party girl and society photographer, flees to San Francisco after a high-profile family tragedy. Suddenly, she becomes somehow involved in a series of murders and she struggles to find the killer before she becomes the next victim. Said to be a good read for people who like Evanovich.

Denise Mina has Blood, Salt, Water: An Alex Morrow Novel coming out on December 1. If you haven't read Mina before, she is a Scottish novelist whose books tend to be dark and moody. The stories are intricately plotted but the crimes can be very violent and her heroes will be flawed. For instance, the star of this title, Detective Sergeant Alex Morrow is a smart, sad woman with a bad marriage and a dead son. In this, the sixth in the series, Roxanna Fuentecilla has been under surveillance by the police as she is suspected of laundering money. Roxanna is reported missing and her cellphone records say she was in Helensburgh. Morrow and her partner Detective Constable Howard McGrain pretend to be Missing Persons officers and go to Helensburgh to investigate. When the dead body that surfaces in a local lake turns out to be someone else, Alex realizes there is more going on that she realized.

James Rollins has The Bone Labyrinth: A Sigma Force Novel coming out on December 15. Rollins books are fast paced and suspenseful. Kind of a blend of adventure and suspense and sort of like Clive Cussler but perhaps with a touch more history and science. In this title, Commander Gray Pierce is asked to investigate an attack on a group of scientists exploring a massive cave in the mountains of Croatia. They are investigating the origin of human intelligence before several of them are kidnapped. There are several parallel plots involving ancient petroglyphs, mysterious keys and underground cities. Can Pierce find the answer?

Next comes Brad Taylor and his latest, The Forgotten Soldier: A Pike Logan Thriller, which arrives on December 29. Taylor's works are fast-paced political thrillers which follow an elite team of American agents as the travel across the globe on action-packed missions. His works are often compared to Vince Flynn, Daniel Silva or Brad Thor. In this, the ninth of the Pike Logan series, a Special Forces soldier is killed in Afghanistan and because a high government official is involved, the US wants to sweep it under a rug. One Taskforce member happens to be the murdered soldier's brother and he goes out for revenge. Pike is charged with finding him and stopping what could lead to a catastrophe. He must choose between friendship and loyalty to his country.

Lastly, we have Joel C. Rosenberg's The First Hostage which arrives on December 29. Rosenberg worked in a variety of jobs prior to becoming an author - he was a political consultant, a communications expert and a presidential campaign strategist. Now he is the author of political thrillers and political nonfiction and draws on his knowledge about terrorism and the Middle East. He is an evangelical Christian so his suspense titles are Christian suspense. They are however, violent and gritty. In this first in a series, J.B. Collins is a New York Times foreign correspondent when he hears rumors that ISIS has captured some chemical weapons inside Syria. When he follows some leads, he discovers and reports from the scene of an attack by terrorists in Amman, Jordan that the leaders of Israel and Palestine are critically injured, Jordan's king is fighting for his life and the U.S. President is missing. The world is in chaos and Collins tries to keep the world informed while searching for the President.

Hope there is something in these 5 that strikes you as interesting. We have more to cover next week.

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