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Friday, November 20, 2015

Continuing with December Titles

There are still several titles out in December which seem to be interesting. Because of the holiday next week, I probably will not be posting. Therefore, I will have moved on to January titles in my next post. How could I ignore these?

Christopher Buckley, who's been called "the funniest writer in the English language" by Tom Wolfe has a change of pace, The Relic Master, coming out on December 8. Buckley usually writes political satire but here he has penned a work of historical fiction which is still funny. Dismas is a relic hunter who works for some high ranking patrons. He had developed a reputation as finding genuine things but then he discovers his banker has been embezzling his funds and his friend talks him into a scheme to sell a fake shroud. When his scheme is revealed, he is forced to tray and steal the 'Shroud of Chambery - later known as the Shroud of Turin. Will he find a way and live to tell about it?

Marina Fiorato has Beatrice and Benedick coming out on December 1. Fiorato is a Shakespearean scholar who take two characters from Much Ado About Nothing and imagines who they met and how they began their war of words. In 1588, Beatrice comes to her uncle's home to be a companion to his daughter. Also, Don Pedro is visiting for a month with his regiment and the young soldier Benedick. Benedick and Beatrice meet and fall in love but then are separated by natural disaster and misunderstanding. 10 years later, they meet again in Shakespeare's play. Said to be an entertaining but dark historical romance.

If you are a coffee fan, you might want to know that Cleo Coyle has the 15th in her Coffeehouse series, Dead To The Last Drop coming out on December 1. Clare is in DC and meets the First Lady and her daughter. However, when a State Department employee collapses in her coffeehouse and the President's daughter goes missing, Clare ends up as an enemy of the state and is on the run with her NYPD detective boyfriend. Can they find out the truth before they are captured?

Thomas Perry has Forty Thieves coming out on December 15. Sid and Ronnie Abel are ex-LA cops that now run their own private investigation firm. They are hired to look into a murder from one year ago that has not been solved. The Hoyt's are two assassins who have been paid to kill the Abels because someone does not want the murder to be solved. The Forty thieves are a European jewelry theft group who have expanded their operation to California. How do these all come together? Do the Abels survive? Reviewers have really enjoyed this well written mystery. He writes fast paced suspense that is tightly plotted and if you like John Sandford or Edna Buchanan, give him a try.

Tipping Point by David Poyer comes out on December 8. Poyer, a U.S. Naval Academy graduate, writes naval based action.-suspense with a series featuring Dan Lanson. In this work, Dan's experiencing political pressure on his career for some past decisions and commanding the first anti ballistic missile capable cruiser which is sailing off East Africa. When tensions between India and Pakistan rise to the point of nuclear war, Lanson takes the ship to the region. Suddenly the ship is targeted by an unknown predator who is assaulting female crew members. This action-packed, utterly authentic story of duty, war and the stress of command is highly reviewed. If you like Tom Clancy or Larry Bond - try some of David Poyer.

Lastly, Andrew Grant has the first book of a series, False Positive, coming out on December 29. Detective Cooper Devereaux is the main hero, a flawed police detective who has been suspended multiple times for excessive force. Devereaux is called in particularly to find a missing 6 year old child. Devereaux, himself had been a foster child and is haunted by his experience. Questions about Devereaux arise when his Porsche, penthouse and summer cabin have people questioning his motives. He is assigned a temporary partner, Jan Loflin, who is just as tough. Reviewers have praised this fast paced, intricately plotted, twisty and totally unpredictable mystery. If you like Dennis Lehane, George Pelecanos or Martin Cruz Smith. Give Andrew Grant a try.

OK - I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you find something that looks interesting for you.

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