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Friday, February 13, 2015

Other March Titles

There are quite a few more titles coming out in March which interest me. Some by names I am sure you know and others that may be new to you. Let me get started.

Joy Fielding has Someone is Watching coming out on March 24. If you have seen the movie Rear Window with Jimmy Stewart, this has the same feel. Bailey Carpenter is a PI who was brutally attacked and now refuses to leave her home. She starts investigating her neighbor across the way with binoculars and begins to wonder if he was her attacker.

J.A. Jance has Cold Betrayal: An Ali Reynolds Novel coming out on March 10. Reynolds is called to help her new daughter-in-law because her grandmother is being threatened and her friend, Sister Anselm, wants her to investigate a young pregnant women who was injured in a hit and run after escaping from a cult.

Owen Laukkanen has The Stolen Ones coming out on Feb 25. Bureau of Criminal Apprehension agents Kirk Stevens and Carla Windermere are on their 4th title. A women having no identification and speaking no English is found sitting next to a dead Minnesota sheriff's deputy holding the gun. The investigation leads them too an international kidnapping and prostitution ring.

David Morrell has Inspector of the Dead coming on March 24. If you read his last title, Murder as a Fine Art, you will want to read this one. I find it humorous that Morrell, the author of First Blood from which they made the movie Rambo, is now considered a literary thriller author but he is and for good reason. This title finds Thomas De Quincey battling his opium addiction while investigating killings in British high society and aided by his daughter and 2 Scotland Yard companions.

Olen Steinhauer has All the Old Knives coming out on March 10. Steinhauer is an interesting person. He grew up in Virginia and has lived all over the states; got a Fullbright scholarship and went to Romania. He now lives in Hungary with his wife and children. Well traveled and described as the successor to Le Carre, he has moved from the Cold War spy novels to after 9/11. In this title 2 CIA agents who had also been lovers, one now retired and one still an active agent, meet for dinner to reconsider questions about a nine year old terrorist attack.

Lastly, Jacqueline Winspear continues her Masie Dobbs series with A Dangerous Place which comes out on March 17. Dobbs must return from India when she gets a letter telling her that her father is fading. She pauses in Gibraltar and finds herself investigating the murder of a Sepharidic Jew.

I will be back soon with the LibraryReads list for March with all new titles for your reading pleasure.

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